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Travis Scott: Astroworld hired security guards with no Qualifications

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Every other day, a new piece of information comes out about the Travis Scott concert. Recently, several people have come forward to reveal the inadequate security arrangements at Astroworld. According to them, they were hired as security guards. However, they were not given any training or brief about what to do. At the same time, no one prepared them for the chaos which broke out. After the tragic incident took place, many security people left the venue.

Last week, a stampede at Astroworld Festival resulted in several people dying

Travis Scott: Astroworld Hired Security Guards With No Qualifications

When Travis Scott announced his Astroworld Festival, his fans rejoiced. Little did they know, it would become a memorable event for all the wrong reasons. During his performance, a stampede began which ended up being a huge disaster. According to reports, people entered the venue without tickets and the crowd started to get out of hand. The stampede took many lives and injured a huge amount of people. However, Travis Scott continued his performance and received massive backlash for it.

After the incident, concertgoers sued Travis Scott and Live Nation

According to people, Travis Scott encouraged people to get violent. He enticed the riots and hyped up people. One of the people to file a lawsuit against him is demanding $1 million. Along with him, the organizers of the show, Live Nation have also been slapped with a lawsuit. At the same time, few women have claimed that they were assaulted s**ually during the chaos. So far, Travis Scott and Live Nation have been sued by 108 people.

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Recently, security guards at Travis Scott concert revealed they were hired without any qualifications

A woman, who was hired as a security guard along with her husband and nephew, revealed some facts about Astroworld. She claimed that no one informed her about the kind of work she had to do. At the same time, she was not trained or asked for her credentials. While talking about the tragic incident at the Travis Scott concert, she said:

“I did not think that I was going to have to be the one to stop people from knocking down fences from jumping over fences, and having to literally sit there and help people pick up bodies. Do you think I would have signed up for that for $500?”

On the other hand, Darius Williams, who was also hired for a similar job, said:

“It was pretty vague exactly what the roles would be. The day before Astroworld, I completed the orientation and the training for the process, and when I arrived on Friday morning around 7 a.m., they were still pretty vague. [They] didn’t really tell us what we would be doing.”

So far, Travis Scott and his team have not responded to this new development. However, it seems pretty alarming to see such carelessness for such a huge event.

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