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Top 5 Old-School Six-Pack Abs Exercises By Athlean-X’s Jeff Cavaliere

In his latest YouTube video, Athlean-X’s Jeff Cavaliere talks about his top 5 six-pack abs exercises. The former Physical Therapist of the New York Mets breaks down this old-school ab workout and explains the benefits.

What are Jeff Cavaliere’s(Athlean-X) Favorite Top 5 Ab exercises?

Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X is one of the biggest names in the industry as far as the fitness genre is concerned. With a subscriber count of 8.9 million, Jeff’s channel is among the most popular YouTube fitness channels. The ex-head of Physical Therapy for New York Mets believes in a more Athlete-like training system. In-line with his ideology, Jeff Cavaliere shares his top 5 old-school and breaks them down one by one.

According to the fitness guru, this ab workout is a blast from the past and will deliver 6-pack abs in no time. Here are Jeff Cavaliere’s top 5 ab movements.

  1. The Dragon Flag: This Bruce Lee inspired movement is like an anti-plank. Unlike the conventional plank, you lay down on your back and use your glutes and core to push away from the ground. The idea is to keep the torso stable as you extend it.
  2. Ab Scissors: The road to six-pack abs is not complete without some leg raises but Jeff Cavaliere’s version is a bit different. It requires you to sit at the edge of a platform until your pelvis is in a posterior tilt. Once in position lift one leg at a time to achieve maximum contraction.
  3. Broom-stick Twist: When aiming for six-packs, we sometimes forget how important the oblique muscles are. They’re not just aesthetically appealing but are very important for the overall stability of the core as well. Jeff Cavaliere’s broomstick twists involve sitting at the edge of a bench, getting into a posterior and 20-degree twist to each side.
  4. Single-sided Dumbell Carry: A proper form makes sure the muscles on the opposite side of the torso contract. The key here is to keep the pace natural and the body from tilting towards one side.
  5. Captain’s chair: According to Athlean-X’s Jeff Cavaliere, this seated version of the workout will fry your abdominals with every move.

The 44-year old fitness guru believes that mere consistency will not give you results. An amalgam of consistency and progression is the key to achieving the goals.