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Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds ‘Remarrying’ Aja Volkman

Imagine Dragons, one of the most amazing bands of the current era, are not just famous for their great music. They are also famous for their dedication towards spreading love, starting the LOVELOUD festival as well as their fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Even though Imagine Dragons’ lead vocalist and founder Dan Reynolds is a straight person, he is no stranger to true love. Dan knows the importance of love and finding the right person in your life. That is why he took the step of creating a documentary called ‘Believer’ that focuses on Love between two souls, regardless of their gender or sexuality. But he shocked his fans when he announced he is separated from his wife Aja Volkman, and that divorce is being discussed. Fortunately, they reconciled after few months and Dan Reynolds shocked Aja as well as the fans when he proposed to her this Christmas.

The separation period

Dan Reynolds separated from Aja Volkman in April 2018. Meanwhile, Dan Reynolds’ documentary Believer was set to be released in June 2018 and he was working on the release. They had three daughters and the fans just knew this lovely couple would do right by them. The love between them never faded but it was hard for them to stay connected as a family keeping in view Dan Reynolds’ busy and hectic routine. Dan was occupied a lot for the Imagine Dragons’ shows and concerts.

After a separation of 7 months, they started dating again and reconciled. The couple recently had their fourth child, a son. While it seemed like everything was going perfect for the family, Aja Volkman opened up about their relationship in a hearty post on Instagram after Dan Reynolds re-proposed to her.

Dan Reynolds & Aja Volkman Re-engaged

Though Dan Reynolds has not said anything on his social media handles, Aja Volkman took to Instagram to share the good news and the purpose behind it.

the last two years have been transformative to say the least. I’ve never caused so much hurt or been so hurt by another human in my life.

Aja says both Dan Reynolds and she took a long time to really see each other. They did not hurt each other because of recklessness. In fact, they hurt each other due to being extra careful in their life.

We loved each other at the expense of everything.

Aja Volkman and Dan Reynolds have completely different backgrounds.

We wrote love songs, and we got married. Then came children. We were both emotional and driven and also hard on ourselves.

They supported each other so closely that they started to suffocate. The world did not let them love as a happy family as well. People criticized and hurt them. Aja Volkman, who is also a great singer, missed the stage and performances. On the contrary, Dan Reynolds was performing too much in the concerts.

Our oldest daughter was suffering. Her foundation fell away and all that she knew was destroyed. We hated ourselves.

After suffering through the pain of separation, they finally surrendered to their love.

The night was long. 7 months long. Then one evening he came to my door. I looked at him timidly because of all that I had gone through. He stood there on my porch and all I could see was my most favorite person staring back at me. I understood it all. We didn’t need the words. We were both forgiven.

The Re-Proposal

Even though they started dating again, they had another kid and they were still very much in love. However; Aja Volkman was not wearing her wedding ring again.

Even when we decided to stay together. I just couldn’t go back to what we were. I told him that we would have to start again. He agreed.

Dan Reynolds decided to surprise Aja Volkman with a ring this Christmas and she was not expecting it at all.

Tonight we put our kids to bed and began to clean up the mess of the day. I could see that he was nervous but I didn’t know why. He got on one knee and before he could open his mouth I began to cry. Loaded tears that held nearly 10 years of growth. The answer has always been yes. Even before we knew what that meant.

Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman are the true couple goals. They have a perfect family guarded by their own talented souls. Being my favorite singers, I truly hope they always stay happy and together.