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Thomas Petrou says Goodbye to Lopez Brothers

Thomas Petrou says Goodbye to Lopez Brothers

We all know how the Lopez Brothers have been laying low and avoiding social media from the past couple of weeks. Firstly Ondreaz took a break from social media. And then little brother Tony Lopez took some time off after his 21st birthday. Both the brothers are back now. And Thomas Petrou just revealed in his recent vlog that both the Lopez Brothers are moving out from the Hype House and getting their own place.

Are the Lopez Brothers Moving Out For A Fresh Start?

We all know Ondreaz and Tony have been laying low for a really long time now. Though Ondreaz is posting videos on his TikTok, little brother Tony is still taking some time off all the social apps except Instagram. In a recent Instagram story, Tony promised his millions of fans that he will make sure to stay active on social media and post content every now and then.

Tony took some time off for self-reflection. And we don’t really know when he will be back on TikTok. But let’s just hope and pray that he comes back with a positive state of mind.

Anyways, Thomas Petrou just posted a vlog ‘Saying Goodbye‘ with Nate Wyatt and Ondreaz Lopez.

Thomas really seems shy on the camera. Anyways, he is the one who actually announced the sad news:

“This is a very sad moment. The Lopez Brothers are going to be moving out very soon and getting their own place. That’s why Nate’s crying.”

Meanwhile, Ondreaz asks Nate not to steal the spotlight from him and tries his best not to get emotional while delivering his goodbye speech:

“This is my time to shine. This is how it’s going to go down. I am just getting my own crib. Alright, because I literally live in a fu*k*ng office space. Right, that’s what this is. I got tired of it and I want my own damn place.”

For a minute I actually thought Ondreaz lives in an office space. Thankgod he explained it further that he was just trying to be funny. We know goodbyes are really hard.

Tony was not a part of the vlog. But he was seen out and about with Tayler Holder at Miley Cyrus’s Midnight Sky truck.

Do you think the Lopez Brothers are getting a place with Nikita Dragon? Because she was also planning to move to a bigger space. Or they are moving out just because they want to have a fresh start?