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The Weeknd Still Hasn’t Released The Damn Album

Yeah, I think we might as well give up by this point. He’s not going to listen. Since Dear Melancholy was released in March last year, no one has let The Weeknd catch his breath. I mean it’s been more than a year and we want new music, is that too much to ask? The XO community has been not-so-patiently waiting for the sixth chapter of their Abel Tesfaye collection. But maybe it makes sense they are so annoyed at him, since the R&B singer won’t stop teasing the upcoming album. You know how teasing is fun only as long as it leads somewhere? Yeah, this teasing seems to have no end to it, and fans are pretty much losing it.

Let’s start back in March when The Weeknd helped rapper and friend Nav produce his album ‘Bad Habits’. He took the opportunity to mention his own upcoming album while promoting ‘Bad Habits’.

Well okay, Chapter 6 is “getting cooked”, eh? You can’t really blame fans for having expectations after that. Of course, they pretty much bombarded The Weeknd’s socials demanding the album from him. Even now, comment sections continue to be flooded with requests for the new album, right alongside fans throwing shade at him for taking so damn long.

Meanwhile, The Weeknd seems to be having some fun with it. He continues to post shady pictures of either himself in cool settings or moments back from the Trilogy days, at random intervals. He mostly does this on his YouTube community page, sometimes on Instagram, which he has now deactivated, or even Twitter.

I mean, is this about the new album (or nah)? Are you playing with us? Is it coming soon? We are only left to wonder these things and naturally, people are going a little crazy.

Don’t Rush The Weeknd, He’ll Work Slower

Meanwhile, as the pressure kept on building (and the XO fam annoyed him to death), his resolve cracked a bit:

Slower? SLOWER? It’s been a year and you want to work SLOWER now? Well, at least, that’s how most fans responded.

The New Weeknd Album Is Coming

The utter impatience and frustration fans are directing at The Weeknd is hilarious, but we hope he’s getting a good laugh out of it too. I mean, we wouldn’t actually want to pressurize him now, would we? We still want the music to be amazing, when it finally does come out; when the king of the fall decides to show us mercy and blesses us with his breath-taking voice. In the meantime, let him work at his pace and take his time. The album will come. And the wait will be worth it. No pressure.