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The ACE Family Show Every Fault With Their Foreclosed Home In New Vlog

The ACE Family show every fault with their foreclosed home in new Vlog

In a recent video, ACE Family has given a detailed tour of their foreclosure house and explored all the faults with the house.

It seems that ACE Family is finally putting the drama behind them and taking a fresh start. Recently, they posted a video of their last day in their house. At the same time, they explored all the issues the house had, including cracked walls and wonky floor tiles. A few days back, the McBrooms had uploaded another video, explaining the foreclosure issue. Similarly, there have been accusations against them of committing mortgage fraud.

ACE Family

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This week, ACE Family have come clean and explained the foreclosure issue.

A few months back, the internet was abuzz with the news of the ACE Family home going into foreclosure and them being homeless. However, Austin and Catherine McBroom have come forward to tell their side of the story. According to them, they were scammed by the builders and were not given the certificate of occupancy. Although they lived in that house for three years, they were not able to claim ownership of it. Therefore, they had to go through a lot of issues including living without hot water or taking loans to get things fixed. At the same time, ACE Family walked us through some of the faults the house had and blamed the builders for it.

ACE Family

Few days later, the news came out that the family have committed mortgage fraud.

In a series of TikTok, someone accused the ACE Family of serious crimes. According to them, the family never owned the house. In fact, the house was owned by the company of the builders they keep accusing them of scamming them. In order to avoid spending money on the house, they changed the names of the owners on the papers. This way, they didn’t have to buy the house and it looked like the company have given it to them as a gift. In this situation, ACE Family was not eligible of getting mortgage loans. However, using the fake papers, they took $9 million worth of loans. This way, they have committed mortgage fraud. A few days ago, another TikToker found out that they are selling their furniture online.

In the recent video, ACE Family have given further details of the faults in their house.

At the beginning of the video, the ACE Family couple and their kids are sprawled on their gigantic bed. While talking about their last day, they claim to be happy and excited about the future. They also reveal that they have already moved out of the house and settled into a new one. Furthermore, ACE Family took us around the empty house and showed all the issues the build had. From cracked walls to leaking sinks, from wonky floor tiles to the wrecked bookshelf, the house does seem to be falling apart. According to them, this is how they got the house but they did not want to complain so tried to get it fixed. However, it seems a bit confusing that they were living in a house that could have caused a serious accident.

ACE Family

For now, the ACE Family has moved into a new house and is trying to put this drama behind them. Hopefully, the new house is a happy one for them and their kids.