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Harry Jowsey Spent the Weekend With Russian Model Sveta Bilyalova In Dubai

Oh well !! Raise your hands if you guys remember Harry Jowsey took someone on a surprise trip to Las Vegas. And the lucky girl was none other than the founder of the adult magazine SHAGMAG. But sadly, things didn’t work out between the two and they parted ways on a very weird note. As Julia first proposed to Harry Jowsey on their surprise trip to Las Vegas. And when they came back together, she ghosted him and started seeing Jake Paul (again). Harry, on the other hand, was in shock. And wished things would have ended in a much different way, even if they were supposed to end.

After things ended with Julia Rose, Harry was spotted on dates with different social media celebrities. But he was not dating any of them. However, a couple of weeks ago Harry mentioned in a podcast that he is seeing someone, and it’s getting somewhere. But he is not ready to talk about it.

Harry recently shared photos from his recent trip to Dubai. Now we don’t really know if this trip was planned by Harry. Or if it was planned by the very beautiful Russian model Sveta Bilyalova. But we would love to know more about it.

Is Harry Jowsey Dating Sveta Bilyalova?

As I have mentioned earlier that Harry shared in a recent podcast that he is seeing someone, but he is not ready to talk about it at the moment. And then a couple of weeks later he posts a photo dump from his recent trip to Dubai and fans are literally shocked. Because they were not expecting to see someone getting all cozied up to Harry anytime soon.

Harry first posted this video on his Instagram in which you can clearly see a hand of a woman cradling his face. Though, a couple of moments later, Harry archived or deleted this post which had the caption 2 am in Dubai. But you can still find it on Harry’s TikTok account. And the woman in the photos and videos is none other than the very gorgeous Russian model and an OnlyF*ns content creator Sveta Bilyalova.

Then, there is another TikTok video in which Harry has combined a few clips from his Dubai Trip with Sveta. And the added text in the video “Our Dubai trip in 15 seconds” is literally giving me butterflies. He had the option to write “my Dubai trip” but he chose to write “Our Dubai trip” which means there might be something serious going on between the two.

And in another TikTok video, Harry called Sveta his crush.

This picture is literally melting my heart. Because these two are giving us some major couple goals.

Let us know in the comments down below if you guys think Sveta will be appearing in one of Harry’s Tap In podcasts. As we cannot wait for Harry and his crush to give us all a little scoop on their recent trip to Dubai.

Though everything was going alright between the two. But then things didn’t work out in their favor and they ended things on good terms. Now Harry Jowsey is in an on-and-off-going relationship with Georgio Hassarati.