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Tati Westbrook Alleges Old Business Partner Inappropriately Touched Her Amid Ongoing Lawsuit

After announcing that she was closing down her beauty brand, Tati Westbrook accuses her former business partner of inappropriate behavior. Since last year, the Westbrooks have been facing a legal battle. According to their former business partner Halo Beauty, they committed fraud and negligence. Due to these reasons, Westbrook had to close down her brand and sell her condo. Now she is hitting back with a lawsuit of workplace harassment against Clark Swanson.

Last year, James and Tati Westbrook were served with lawsuits filed by their business partner.

According to Clark Swanson, he owns 50% of Halo Beauty’s nutritional hair supplements. Before the official launch, Tati Westbrook and her husband gave him an offer that alleged that Halo Beauty would be the umbrella brand for her future beauty products, including makeup, skincare, and fragrances. At the same time, Tati Westbrook determined that the quality of the product does not matter. Instead, she would use her contacts like James Charles, Manny MUA, Jeffree Star, and Laur Lee to promote the product. However, they went behind her to promote the rival brand, SugarBear Hair. At the same time, she launched her own separate brand, Tati Beauty which breached her contract with Swanson. Therefore, he filed a lawsuit against the couple for fraud, negligence, and breach of contract.

Recently, Tati Beauty was closed down due to many reasons.

After her fans observed that the Tati Beauty website homepage stated that it is now closed, Tati Westbrook explained. In an eight-minute long video, she addressed her fans and presented an overview of her life. According to Tati Westbrook:

“COVID hit, and that definitely slowed things down, it slowed the whole world down. And then, of course, you guys are aware of outside litigation that really impacted my life in full. So that kind of T-boned everything, and here we are. Tati Beauty is closing its doors. We are no longer selling products online, and I say that with a heavy heart. I have loved creating this brand, I had huge goals, dreams, visions, for the future.”

Few days back, Tati Westbrook accused Swanson of inappropriate behavior.

While Swanson’s lawsuit is still underway, Tati Westbrook has also filed one against him. According to her, he was unprofessional and touched her inappropriately. The lawsuit stated:

“When working in the same space, Mr. Swanson inappropriately touched Mrs. Tati Westbrook without her consent. For example, coming up behind her and grabbing her waist, rubbing her shoulders and back, hovering over her from behind, sitting next to her and grabbing her thighs, or rubbing her feet.”

Furthermore, Tati Westbrook claims that she asked him to stop. However, he yelled at her in front of others and shamed her. So far, Swanson has not responded to the lawsuit. It seems that Westbrooks are also not coming slow, and this legal battle will be messy.