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Shay Mitchell's topless pic with baby has people questioning about the father

Shay Mitchell’s topless pic with baby has people questioning about the father

People are really-really-really bored in Quarantined life because they have started to highlight things that should not matter in the current era. First, it was Drake’s son Adonis. But the fans found out soon that baby’s hair is like Drake’s mother. And now, it’s Shay Mitchell’s turn. The ‘You’ actress recently posted a topless picture of herself with her baby Atlas. And the followers were quick to question “who” she looks like.

Shay Mitchell posts an adorable picture with her baby

Since the beginning of quarantine, Shay has been posting adorable pictures with her 6-months old daughter Atlas. Counting her 33rd day in quarantine, Shay Mitchell shared a picture with the caption: clothing optional. And that’s the truth. While many people forgot what is “jeans”, we are now entering the stage of “what are clothes”.


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Day 33, clothing optional.

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It’s a very cute picture of the beautiful ladies. Many people started pouring love on the picture immediately.

Shay Mitchell

Strange questions

While people couldn’t stop praising the beauty of Atlas and her mesmerizing blue eyes, many started asking questions that how Shay Mitchell’s daughter is so white with blue eyes. Shay’s boyfriend and Atlas’s father is Matte Babel.


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Seeing that both mum and dad do not really share their features (for now) with the baby Atlas, fans couldn’t stop wondering about the parenthood and genetics. However, some true Shay fans answered the questions and cleared the confusion.


But that did not stop people from questioning the “white” skin of baby Atlas. So, more confusion was cleared.


Well, that settles everything.

Shay Mitchell has recently turned 33 and she also shared her first TikTok with her fans on this occasion. Don’t miss your favorite celebrities in quarantine, getting creative at TikTok.