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I Love Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Together, Says Melissa Etheridge

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston can get through anything and I adore them, says Grammy Award winning singer Melissa Etheridge. She said that while answering Andy Cohen’s question and avoided naming the other ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Dating?

No, they’re not and that’s not what I’m The Only One singer mean when she used the word ‘together’. The Grammy winner was referring to their unforgettable reunion amid the award season. She thinks Once Upon a Time actor Brad Pitt and Friends star Jennifer Aniston’s relationship is a friendly one and she adores it. The 58-year-old shares her thoughts on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen quarantine show.

I loved Brad and Jen together. They were beautiful and I believe they will always remain, friends. These two are very special people that can get through anything and I hope that their friendship lasts.

Melissa has always been a staunch Pitt supporter and has backed the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star throughout his personal life too. Especially, during Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce. She slammed Marvel’s The Eternals 2021 actress Angelina Jolie for the way she handled the divorce, as per Fox News article from 2016.

I’m heartbroken for Pitt. I believe the accusations that he verbally and physically assaulted his children are “completely unfounded.” It breaks my heart that anyone would take something as personal as your marriage and do it as purposefully as I see it’s being done.

She has also targetted Brad Pitt’s ex-wife for over her relationship with ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton. Thornton was engaged to Marriage Story actress, Laura Dern at the time.

I was around when Angelina was not doing nice things with Billy Bob to Laura Dern. I went through that on a personal level and helped Laura move out of her house with Billy Bob.

The rumors surrounding Hollywood’s former A-list couple are all untrue according to Gossip Cop as well. We’ll keep you updated on your favorite celebrities.