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Ryland Adams Explains Why He And Shane Dawson Are Moving To Colorado

Ryland Adams Explains why he and Shane Dawson are moving to Colorado in an episode of his podcast 'The Sip with Ryland Adams and Lizze Gordon'.

A month ago, Ryland Adams announced that he and his fiance Shane Dawson are having a child, soon. Now, there’s been another development in their relationship. Ryland has announced that he and Shane are moving to Colorado, and people have mixed feelings about this latest news.

Ryland and Shane have been dating since 2016 and got engaged in 2019. The pair has quite a number of subscribers on YouTube but Shane had to take a break from the platform a while ago. Shane was called out by a lot of fans because of a series of offensive videos, using racial slurs and wearing blackface. As a result, YouTube demonetized his account and since then, he has been on a hiatus, not posting any videos on his channel. Despite the hiatus, however, he often shows up in Ryland’s videos.

A month ago, Ryland posted a video on his YouTube channel which was titled ‘cooking my boyfriend’s favorite meal’. In the video, Adams showed some things he got for his house and the couple announced that they are having a baby together. Now, it looks like the couple is moving to a new city just to be close to their family.

Ryland and Shane Dawson are moving to Colorado

Ryland Adams Explains Why He And Shane Dawson Are Moving To Colorado

Ryland posted a new video on his ‘Ryland Vlogs’ YouTube channel which was titled ‘We’re Moving..NOT A CLICKBAIT’. The video features Ryland’s mom as they celebrate her birthday and share joyful moments with each other. Ryland then tells his fans that Shane wasn’t serious about them moving to Colorado, but then Shane said that he’s excited to see their potential new home. Ryland added that he wanted to move here to be close to his family and their potential new home is just 12 minutes away from his own family home. Shane then added:

I’m excited about the idea of moving but I love our current house, so I don’t know…it would take the most amazing, perfect, house. I need that moment then I’ll pull the trigger. I love Colorado, everybody is just so nice

Shane was kind of reluctant in the beginning, but then he agreed with his partner, and seems like the couple is moving to Colorado.

Why are they moving to Colorado?

In the latest episode of ‘The Slip with Ryland Adams and Lizzie Gordon,’ Lizzie and Ryland play a game. Lizzie asks Ryland questions and her first question was why does he want to move to Colorado. To that, Ryland responded:

To be closer to family

Lizzie then further questioned Ryland, asking him why is that so. Ryland replied:

Because I want to raise a family of my own.

Then, when finally asked why he wants to raise a family, Ryland replied that this is something that will be fulfilling to him. He also adds that his priorities have shifted and he can work from home now so he wants to focus on starting a family. Lizzie kept asking Ryland a bunch of questions and Ryland keeps answering them but for now, it looks like Shane and Ryland are focusing on themselves. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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