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Thomas Petrou Addresses The Backlash He Got For Roasting Chase Hudson

Thomas Petrou addresses the backlash he got for Roasting Chase Hudson

After Chase Hudson stans got angry on his insensitive comments, Thomas Petrou responded on Instagram. He roasted his friend on BFFs Podcast.

Although all members of The Hype House appear to be good friends, Thomas Petrou seemed to forget for a minute. After he roasted Chase Hudson on the BFFs Podcast, people got angry and bashed him. Now he’s responding to the backlash.

While on the BFFs Podcast, Thomas Petrou talked about The Hype House.

While making an appearance on the BFFs Podcast, The Hype House founder, Thomas Petrou, got sidetracked. Initially, he kept to the point and talked about his journey of founding the biggest content houses of TikTok. Thomas Petrou shared how he reached out to Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio way before they became household names. Furthermore, he shared the purpose of building The Hype House to let new kids showcase their talent. However, he joined in when Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards diverted the topic toward Chase Hudson’s style.

Despite being Chase Hudson’s best friend, Petrou made fun of him and the podcast hosts.

It all started when Dave Portnoy expressed his hatred for Chase Hudson. He said:

I became a Lil Huddy hater right off the bat because Josh and Lil Huddy had beef. I [then] looked at the way he dressed, and I don’t get it, I do not get the way that dude dresses. But, I want him on the show, I’ve come to respect as I’ve gotten more of it.

In response to that, Thomas Petrou said:

We roasted the f**k out of Chase when we lived with him. I love Chase, but yeah, it’s a weird style. I know a lot of people with a weird a** style.

Furthermore, Pertou added that Lil Huddy is not the best conversationalist and might be unable to talk on the podcast.

Thomas Petrou, Chase Hudson

After the episode, Chase Hudson’s stans expressed their anger on social media.

Many of his fans took to Twitter and Instagram to show their emotions. While some bashed Thomas Petrou, others tweeted about the value of friendship and trust. Many commented that Chase Hudson should have better friends. His fans did not hold back in showing Petrou how insensitive his comments were.

The Hype House founder responded to a TikTok Insider’s Instagram post.

He wrote:

People are too dramatic, we lived with 15 people we all roasted each other and Chase would roast all of us too. I’ve helped Chase through everything he’s ever needed and been there for him through his darkest times. We’ve been friends for almost 3 years and this is how our friend group joked around. My comment on the podcast wasn’t that deep, I don’t have a sense of style and I think 90% of other people don’t have one either and I’ve already apologized to him privately for my comments.

Despite this issue being highlighted by the fans, Chase Hudson is quiet on the matter. Only time will tell if this friendship lasts or not.