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David Dobrik was called out for throwing a house party and charging over $1000 for tickets

David Dobrik was called out by fans for throwing a house party and charging over $1000 for tickets. However, the party is still going on.

David Dobrik is throwing a party at his house, and fans are unhappy about it. And one reason for that is that the YouTuber’s house party tickets range from $40 to $1500. The party was supposed to happen on the 30th of Jul,y but people said, ‘this is disgusting,’ as people were furious that Dobrik was charging so much for a house party.

David Dobrik has been the center of attention for quite some time now, but the attention is not suitable for him. He is a part of Vlog Squad, and some crew members were recently accused of assault and rape by many people. Dobrik had to go off social media because of that, but he returned to YouTube a month ago.

He started losing subscribers after the allegations, but he’s still going strong. He has over 18 million subscribers on YouTube and got 4.5 million views on his last video. However, despite the clout, people were not really thrilled to have him back. He got a lot of hate for coming back to YouTube, but that does not mean some all his fans were not happy. Some people were excited that Dobrik is back, but it looks like he’s again under fire.

David Dobrik was called out by fans once again.

It looks like Dobrik can’t stay out of trouble. On Monday afternoon, fans came across his house party event, and they were surprised after seeing the ticket prices. The tickets were seen on Eventbrite, which is a ticket-selling website. Many of the tickets were already sold out, but some of the ‘Last Call’ tickets were still left. If you already bought the ticket, then good for you, but now the ticket prices range from $100 to $1500.

A first-floor booth ticket is $1000, and you can bring eight guests and get a bottle of vodka and two bottles of champagne. A Second Floor Lounge ticket is for $1500. And these obscene prices are not acceptable to the fans at all. I mean, their concerns are genuine; $1000 does sound a bit extreme. One person said, ‘who is gonna pay $1500 for a party’. However, despite the outrage, many people are paying $1500 to go to David Dobrik’s house party, but maybe some are hesitating because of the previous allegations against him.

Dobrik has not promoted his event on social media or said anything about fans calling him out. What do you think of the prices? Let us know in the comments below.