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Rapper T.I.'s daughter Deyjah Harris was molested?

Rapper T.I.’s daughter Deyjah Harris was molested?

A couple of months ago, the public got to know that Deyjah Harris has to go take a yearly virginity test because of her father T.I. This lead to much bashing of T.I. as they called this move a violation of Deyjah’s rights. Moreover, Deyjah also unfollowed her father on Instagram amid the drama. Now, a new piece of information arises. Deyjah Harris posted some cryptic messages on her Instagram Stories. The messages on those stories have led some people to speculate she was molested as a child. Let’s see the whole story.

Deyjah reveals something shocking about her childhood

On an Instagram Q&A session, she answered a couple of questions and ended up revealing a lot. One of the fans asked what she would change about her childhood. To that, Deyjah reveals

“Not sound dramatic but… I’d tell her it’s not her fault, anything that happened to her, it’s not her fault. I’d tell her I’m sorry because I know she unhappy but I literally have no idea on how to make her happy.”

T.I.’s daughter Deyjah Harris shares that she was actually not happy during her childhood. That’s pretty sad to see considering childhood is supposed to be a time of happiness and fun. But the fact that Deyjah says she would tell her younger self that nothing is her fault seems to imply something awful happened to her. Perhaps, someone took advantage of her and her body. Many victims of child abuse often blame themselves for the abuse when it happens. When they grow up, they realize that it wasn’t their own fault.

The rest of the message further cements that something dark happened during Deyjah’s childhood:

“I’d tell her no matter what though, ain’t nobody else gonna hurt you they gone have to kill me to get you.”

The daughter of the rapper was not adamant about sharing any more details. The reason behind this was:

“I’ll tell it one day. Rn isn’t the time. Not in today’s society lmaooo smh.”

Fans are assuming Deyjah was molested

A lot of the fans were very quick to share their concern over Deyjah Harris’s wellbeing. Many of them even think that she was molested or abused when she was younger. If that did happen, that would explain why Deyjah is telling her younger self to not blame herself for everything bad that happened to her.

“It sound like she was molested or abused as a child”

Moreover, her father being obsessed with her virginity raises a lot of questions too. On just its own, checking your daughter’s virginity is something that violates human rights. It’s an invasive process that doesn’t even accurately prove someone’s virginity. On top of it, if child abuse is in the question, it’s even more worrying.

Some fans are even hoping that it wasn’t her own father T.I. that molested her:

“Somebody touched that girl. I pray it wasn’t her father who seems obsessed with virginity”

Though, despite no confirmations from Deyjah Harris on whether she was molested, fans are still offering their love and support for her:

  “I most definitely understand I’m praying for her peace and happiness to return. She’s so young.”