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Deyjah Harris calls her father talking about her virginity traumatizing

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Everyone was shocked to hear when they found out about rapper T.I. was talking about his daughter’s virginity in the public. Not only that but what was more worrying was him mentioning that he gets a virginity test for her too. The father and daughter, Deyjah Harris, settled the matter amongst themselves and cleared things out. Though, Deyjah herself has talked about how this incident affected her.

Deyjah Harris calls the whole experience traumatizing

T.I. has a reality show called ‘T.I. & Tiny: Friend & Family Hustle’. On it, the scandal of T.I. talking about Deyjah’s virginity was discussed. In a recent preview for the show, we saw her talking about how the whole experience was quite traumatizing.

The incident is referring to when T.I. said he would take his daughter to the gynecologist after they celebrated her birthday. It was done to ensure that her hymen is still intact. This is an invasive process that no parent should enforce on their children, as per scientific research. Deyjah Harris shares how things were bad after T.I. opened up about her virginity:

‘Things are completely awkward between me and my dad. The situation is just a little traumatizing for me.’

Moreover, T.I.’s daughter was taken aback when her father started talking about something so intimate so publicly.

However, in the latest update by T.I.’s wife Tiny Harris, the two were mending their relationship. She mentioned how there was a lot of conversation happening between Deyjah and T.I. and things were beginning to resolve.

We’ll see more of the story in the reality show

We shall find more information on what Deyjah had to face and what feelings she had to go through during this ordeal. After the incident occurred, T.I. did feel hurt that he had hurt her daughter and he said that he never had any bad intentions.

However, he was trying to be more sensitive and careful about the issue now:

“I didn’t get it. I was oblivious to it. And I am now sensitive to it for her. When the No. 2 hit the fan and I hadn’t addressed it, at her request, I was taking the bullets. And I’m fine in the fire.”

There was also speculation that Deyjah Harris had been molested after she posted some cryptic things on her social media a while ago. Fans were speculating many things but Deyjah Harris did not confirm or deny anything.

Let’s see what happens next and hopefully, Deyjah is now in a much better place.

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