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Top 5 Best Animated Shows to watch during quarantine

Top 5 Best Animated Shows to watch during quarantine

Animated shows may seem like cartoons at first but there’s a whole new genre out there. There are animated shows for everyone to watch. Some are adult animated shows and some are just adventurous for all ages to watch. Here is a list of the top 5 best-animated shows of all time that you watch during the Coronavirus lockdown.

This list will showcase the best-animated series that have had a major influence on the 21st century.

5. Family Guy

It’s quite rare for a tv show to come back on screen on popular demand but it’s even more historic when the come-back is popular than ever before. Seth McFarlane’s adult animation Family Guy is undoubtedly one of the best-animated shows ever and demonstrated the power of fandom. Family Guy was ahead of its time as it shed light on random facets of pop culture. Watch it if you haven’t yet. It’s a good distraction while you quarantine in isolation.

4. BoJack Horseman

The recent past has given us many animated series that have a major influence on its audience. However, BoJack Horseman‘s dramatic impact hit harder than any of its predecessors.

BoJack is more than just a talking horse. Even before the arrival of movements like #MeToo, the show was talking about the dark secrets behind the scenes related to Hollywood’s celebrities. The perfect balance of tragic comedy and light-hearted puns, makes it one of the best cartoons of the last two decades, at least.

3. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty seem like an amalgam of Doctor Who, Back to the Future, and Community. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s creation is a universe of infinite possibilities in terms of sci-fi and comedy. The characters’ crazy adventures will take you on a journey to foreign planets, inside the dreams, and multiverses with varying realities. The show will keep you glued to the screen and leave you asking questions at the end.

2. Adventure Time

Most TV shows and cartoons become more and more predictable after a certain period. However, every new episode of Adventure Time will challenge your expectations every time. You’ll get a surreal and emotional episode when you’d be expecting a funny one and vice-versa. Rated as one of the best cartoons, the animated series will constantly keep you exploring the characters.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

The three-season story started strong in 2005 and ended even stronger in 2008. Avatar: The Last Airbender, is probably one of the best animation and TV shows as well. It perfectly harmonizes action, comedy, drama, romance, and the art of serialized storytelling. Avatar has left a golden standard that new shows can look up to for inspiration.

Which animations or live-action tv shows are you watching amid the Coronavirus social distancing period? Let us know in the comments section.