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Noah Beck shares how he was kicked out of YouTubers Vs. TikTokers

Noah Beck explains how and why he was kicked out of the YouTubers vs TikTokers event, explaining how he was disgruntled with the security.

Overall, the YouTubers vs TikTokers event went quite smoothly, with YouTube winning by a resounding 5 wins to TikTok’s 2. Fans and the content creators both had a blast, except for some. One of those names was /, who explains why he was kicked out from the event by security.

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Noah Beck shares how he was kicked out of YouTubers Vs. TikTokers

Despite the hype and the massive success, some were not as impressed by the YouTubers vs TikTok event. And one of them was Beck, an influential TikToker. In an 18-minute video on YouTube, he sat down in front of his fans and explained his bad experience at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

How Noah Beck couldn’t find his way ringside to his friend Bryce Hall

Beck explained that merely entering the venue was a daunting task, as security couldn’t even direct Beck to an apt parking spot, where he can avoid the frenzy of fans. However, once Beck was in, he was able to enjoy some of the fights that were going on. And then came the time for Bryce Hall’s fight, his roommate and fellow Sway House content creator. The TikToker was obviously quite hyped about this match, but all his hype came to a bitter end when Beck and his crew were denied entrance to the lower floor. And this was despite the fact that Beck had the badge that marked him as part of Hall’s team. Eventually, Beck had to settle for some fairly good seats with Bradley Martyn and Jeff Wittek, surrounded by fans. However, he was still not ringside and Noah Beck’s misery did not end there.

Later, several members of the security team showed up to those seats and told Beck, along with Martyn and Wittek to move as they couldn’t stand there. Throughout this time, Beck tried his best to explain himself as his Bryce Hall vs Austin McBroom was heating up. Eventually, eight police officers escorted Noah Beck and others out of the ground floor, as a mob of fans surrounded them. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t even get to see the entire fight.

Despite this fiasco, Beck was still not bitter about it. Instead, he explained his good intensions, saying how he just wanted to be there for Hall:

I didn’t mean for it to get like that. I wanted to just be there for him.

You can watch Noah Beck’s complete video below.

Noah Beck

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