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Nick Bean spills the beans on recent Sway Boys fight

Nick Bean spills the beans on recent Sway Boys fight

A video is circulating on the internet in which three of the Sway Boys are punching someone violently. Though we were unable to figure out who were these boys. But all fingers started turning towards Bryce Hall after he addressed the whole situation through a tweet. In which he shared that they were only fighting out of self-defense.

Some of the fans also speculated that Bryce was the guy who was throwing a lot of punches in the video. And guess we were all wrong. TMZ, TikTokroom, and Nick Bean just clarified the whole situation with a bunch of posts.

Nick also shared the whole incident through his Instagram Live. He explained that he was heavily drunk. And the whole fight started when he randomly threw cones over some parked cars. He was so drunk that he couldn’t figure out that there was a girl sitting in one of those cars. And fans are getting tired of seeing him use the same ‘I was super drunk’ excuse all over again.

Nick Bean shared the whole incident through Instagram Live

He starts the video by saying that he was walking down the street while he was really really drunk. And then he started throwing road blocking cones at the parked cars and street.

“I didn’t realize this but there was somebody in one of the cars.”

So according to Nick Bean and TikTokroom, there was a girl sitting in one of the cars who got really upset with Nick’s drunken behavior. Then the girl’s boyfriend came out of the car and called Nick the ‘F’ slur and even punched him thrice.

So, one by one Jaden Hossler, Josh Richards, and then Bryce Hall jump in to save the situation but they ended up getting punched by that guy. And they had to punch him back just to save themselves.

Nick Bean says he doesn’t want anyone else to take accountability for his actions

As per Nick, the other guy in the fight called him the F slur. So he kicked him and then called him The F slur in return. But he wanted to come on Instagram live and explain the whole situation to everybody.

“I am telling you guys the story. I don’t want anyone else to get accused of saying this. It’s not fair to them. It really su*ks that TMZ manipulated it like that.”

We all know how these news tabloids exaggerate some events and don’t show a full picture of the story.

But it seems like Nick was obviously drunk and intoxicated. Fans have seen plenty of his drunk interviews with Kevin Wong and The Hollywood Fix to know it’s not surprising.

Nick repeatedly said that he is not homophobic but he kept on saying the F-slur. Because the other guy kept on calling him the F-slur. And he was probably not aware of the fact that Nick is bise*ual.

Anyways, as per TMZ’s video, the fight ended on good terms. Nick and the other guy gave each other a hug. And they also didn’t press any charges against each other.