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Nessa Barrett addresses Noah-Dixie-Griffin drama

Nessa Barrett might not be dating Josh Richards any more. However, she is still one of his closest friends, and hence, she still knows what’s happening inside the Sway House. That’s what the tabloids might have thought, as they approached Nessa for some answers while she was leaving a restaurant after having dinner with her mother and friends. Nessa did not know the gossip going viral on the internet. However, she shared her thoughts on what could have happened in reality.

Nessa Barrett addresses Griffin Johnson’s diss track

The Griffin-Johnson-Dixie-D’Amelio-Noah-Beck drama is here to stay for a few more days on the internet. It’s not going anywhere unless one of them, or all of them, start dating soon. Anyways, we all know Nessa is not just close with Josh Richards. She has a special bond with Griffin Johnson as well. When Fletcher from The Hollywood Fix asked Nessa about the diss track, she confirmed that she has not heard the song yet.

Following her answer, Fletcher told her that in the diss track, Griffin Johnson accused Dixie and Noah for being friends, but sharing clothes. Nessa did not say much about it since she herself is seen wearing Josh’s uppers sometimes.

She further addressed the rumors of Bryce Hall and Tessa Brooks dating, and said that there might be nothing going on between them.

About Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio

Nessa Barrett also addressed the question of Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck kissing in Be Happy remix video. She said that they are friends and it was just for the music video. However, she further said that she would never kiss anyone on screen for her music video, whether it’s her friend or not. But there was no shade on Dixie and Noah.

If they say it’s nothing, then it’s nothing.

But she really liked the remix music video featuring Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck. Nessa Barrett found it exciting and dope. And we agree.

Nessa Barrett also confirmed that she is shooting her music video for the upcoming track soon. And it will come out on October 9, 2020.