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Noah Beck reacts to Griffin Johnson's diss track

Noah Beck reacts to Griffin Johnson’s diss track

Many fans were waiting for Dixie D’Amelio’s ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson to apologize for cheating on her. He asked someone for her toe pictures on Snapchat, and the relationship took a dive from there. Right after the breakup, Dixie started hanging out with Noah Beck. Their friendship was not that “prominent” before, so people started calling out Noah for breaking the bro-code and going for his friend’s ex-girl. After all these weeks, Noah’s friendship with Dixie is just getting stronger than ever. And seems like Griffin was not happy about it. Instead of releasing a public apology, he came up with a diss-track to shade Dixie and Noah. Here is how Noah responded to it.

Noah Beck opens up about Griffin Johnson

Griffin Johnson released his track titled Convenient the same day Dixie D’Amelio dropped official music video of Be Happy remix song. Her remix song video features Noah Beck, and a kiss with Noah. Many fans were only interested in that kiss, and they have seen the video so many times that it is about to cross 10 million views milestone.

While talking to The Hollywood Fix, Noah Beck said:

Griffin and I are homies.

Not the reaction you were expecting? Well, there is no tea here apparently. Noah Beck and Griffin Johnson are still working out together. Many fans believed that Noah’s kiss with Dixie and Griffin’s diss track on them would be the end of Noah’s friendship with Griffin. But, as he said, they are homies.

Still, Blake Gray and Fletcher (The Hollywood Fix) kept forcing Noah to make a diss track on Griffin in response of his diss track. But Noah will not be doing anything.

On the other hand, Dixie D’Amelio has not responded to Griffin Johnson’s song yet. Will she respond to the song? Only time will tell.

Comfort & convenience

Before the premiere of the Be Happy remix video, Dixie D’Amelio went live with Noah Beck to answer a few questions from their fans. Someone asked about the kiss, and Dixie said that she not comfortable kissing Noah, her friend. The thought that their were cameras on her and her parents were watching the whole scene on screen in another room, made her more uncomfortable. But Noah Beck said that he was comfortable with the kiss.

Are there chances that Dixie was sending out a signal to Griffin Johnson? that they are still friends and nothing is going on with Noah Beck? These are just speculations.