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Nessa Barrett’s new song is about loving Josh Richards?

Nessa Barrett took a break from the internet a while ago. But since the day she came back, she has been giving us major celebrity vibes. Nessa is focusing on her music career these days, while she is still close friends with her ex-boyfriend Josh Richards, and the Sway boys. Her first song Pain reminded us all of Billie Eilish. They share the same style and we would love to see a collaboration in the future, maybe someday. For now, Nessa shared a teaser of her upcoming song “If you love me” and it seems like the song is about Josh Richards.

Nessa Barrett shares teaser of her new song

While Pain was about a breakup she was not ready to face, If You Love Me seems to me asking her lover to let her go. The song is not out yet, but what we have heard so far gives an insight of the new song. When there is Nessa and talk of love, many fans automatically assume that the song would be about her relationship with Josh Richards. Is it though? We might get to know that when the song comes out.

Oh my darling
Please save yourself from hurting
If you love me, let me go
If you love me, let me go

Nessa first teased about her upcoming song on Instagram in this post. The caption seems to be a chunk taken from the lyrics of “if you love me”.

She then teased her fans with a black and white picture of herself in a tennis court.

Nessa Barrett did not keep her fans waiting . The official teaser came out just a few hours ago, and the song teaser comes with a song cover?

The cover is really creepy and interesting at the same time. “If you love me” teaser itself is enough to blow your minds. Nessa Barrett continues her distinctive singing style that will give you goosebumps.

She really wants to release her new track soon. And we might get it in a few weeks.

We have seen many TikTokers starting their music career. However, Nessa Barrett is one of the rare ones that will go a long way.