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Nessa Barrett’s apology for disrespecting Islam backfires

Just a few days ago, everyone was praising Nessa Barrett, the TikTok influencer, after she exposed Chase Hudson of the Hype House. A little refresher course on TikTok creators, most of the Hype House and Sway House creators are good friends. Most of them still are, excluding Josh Richards and Chase Hudson. Hudson apparently cheated on Charli D’Amelio by sending his d*ck picture to Richards girl, Nessa. Nessa told Josh, Josh & Bryce made a Lil Huddy diss track and that led to Charli breaking up with Chase (speculations). That’s a different story. But now, Nessa is in the news for all the wrong reasons and her own fans are canceling her for this.

Nessa Barrett creates a disrespectful TikTok

Ignorance can be bliss most of the times. But not always, especially not when you are disrespecting one of the world’s largest religions. So, what happened was, Nessa Barrett made a TikTok with a friend, Alayna Crimins. And posted it on her account about 4-5 days ago. Both of them were doing some famous TikTok dance moves. But the backlash received made her realize what she had done. What she used as the “music” was actually someone reciting Quranic verses (verses from the Holy Book of Quran). Majority of her followers pointed it out and asked her to take it down and apologize to her audience immediately. Nessa Barrett has a fan-following of approx. 6 million people on TikTok, and that includes Muslims as well.

The Apology

As per sources, Nessa Barrett apologized to her fans. The apology went like this:

My step-siblings, like my step-mom is from Egypt and all that stuff, so… I know that it could have been taken offensively. I just want to apologize for anyone who took it that way and was offended, I think… I’m sorry to anyone that practices that religion.


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How the apology backfired?

Nessa Barrett apologized on her Instagram Live, took down the video and claimed that she did not know what the verses were. She just found it “cute” and decided to dance on it. Even after all of that, she is still receiving comments like “#NessaCanceled and #Canceled on her tiktoks as well as her boyfriend’s tiktoks. The fans are saying (a) Her apology sounds dishonest and what does she mean by “I Think…..I’m sorry”. (b) Her step-mother being Egyptian does not justify what she did was right. That just makes it worse than it already was. (c) She captioned an old TikTok as “I’m Muslim…and I oop..” , which is deleted now.

The third point is what’s forcing people to cancel her even more. That’s offensive and represents Nessa mocking the religion. She’s young, and at 17, her true fans believe she should be forgiven after her apology. However, the majority is still offended because of her other TikTok, which was still on her profile:

@nessaabarrettdeleted my vid bc of hate hehe ppl are mean and now i cry♬ original sound – editsbyabby_

Nessa Barrett & Current Situation

After all the backlash and her apology being backfired, Nessa  Barrett is still making TikToks. However, she has turned off the comments section in her latest TikTok video. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Josh Richards and his friend Bryce Hall has this to say about the whole situation:


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Josh is also trying to remind people of the days when they really liked Nessa.

Nessa Barrett

Meanwhile, the famous Instagram page “THE ORIGINAL MUSERSHADEROOM” @tiktokroom have taken down the disrespectful TikTok.


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hey guys we deleted the tiktok because we had a lot of people who felt offended by us reposting the video with that audio. Some of them were from a different country so they thought we were just posting it in spite of them. We don’t wanna offend anyone. Hope y’all understand

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Fans believe an honest and simple apology could have done a better job if every word was spoken from her heart. We hope she will share a sincere apology soon and won’t repeat the same mistake again. Disrespecting a religion, any religion, out of ignorance or unawareness, is forgivable if your apology is sincere.