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MrBeast’s Lamborghini Race | Winner Keeps The Car?

MrBeast’s (Jimmy Donaldson) latest offering comes in the form of a Lamborghini race. #TeamTrees campaign creator is giving away a $90,000 Lamborghini sports car to the winner but it’s not so simple. The YouTube philanthropist makes his three friends go through a rather interesting obstacle course challenge.

What is MrBeast’s Lamborghini race about?


Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast loves giving away and seeing smiles on people’s faces but things are different with friends. He makes them earn it and that’s exactly what he did in his latest YouTube video. There was no opening a bank and giving free loans or a Hide and Seek challenge this time.

MrBeast’s version of a car race saw the participants going around the city and performing activities that were part of an obstacle course challenge. The choice of transport was an interesting one though and is also the highlight of the MrBeast YouTube video.

What is so special about this transport? Well, everything. From the flawless curves and angles to the roar of its turbocharged engine. This one of a kind Italian beast that we popularly know as a Lamborghini was Mrbeast’s pick for the task. The $90,000 supercar was also the trophy and the winner gets to keep it.

Task # 1 included throwing an ax on a target until one of them gets a bullseye. #TeamTrees’ creator, MrBeast, also stated one of the rules that will result in disqualification.

If they speed just one mile over the speed limit, they’re disqualified. Don’t speed kids!

MrBeast’s friend Chris got the bullseye and proceeded to the next challenge.

This time they have to ‘Catch a Chicken Tender’ in their mouth. Things only love or a Lamborghini can make one do!

One of his friends describes the hardest part of this Lamborghini race:

The hardest part of this video is going to be NOT speeding because I am in a SUPERCAR!

MrBeast’s friend Chris came out as a winner and was awarded a $90,000 Lamborghini. He remembered the entire challenge in these words.

This is my dream come true!

This was one of the most expensive MrBeast YouTube videos and I’m pretty sure it will keep getting bigger and better. Dankanator will keep you updated.