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Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette | Vol. 1 Vs Vol. 2

Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette | Vol. 1 Vs Vol. 2

Jaclyn Hill is back with the game-changer eyeshadow palette she had first created. But this time, it’s volume 2. Despite the eyeshadow palettes’ pictures getting leaked, Jaclyn did not let any of it steal her moment. In fact, the makeup mogul came on screen to share the first look and details all by herself. She had been working on this palette since 2018. Today we’re comparing the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette Vol.1 with the new, upcoming Vol.2. Is this one going to be as iconic as the first? Which one should you purchase? Let’s take a look together and help you decide.

Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette | Vol.1 vs Vol.2

The first volume was launched two and a half years ago. And it marked Jaclyn Hills’ success in the makeup industry because of how much it sold and even broke records. One million palettes were sold in only 2017.

Even today, the palette has a huge client base and is still available for purchase. According to Jaclyn, the idea behind it was to create a universal palette. And it truly is just that!

Now the second volume is here and it launches on February 13th. This palette’s retail price is $39, the same as the first volume. And both of them house 35 different shades.


The packaging of both the eyeshadow palettes is pretty much identical. Just like the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette Vol.1, Vol.2 also comes in the OG big solid-white case.

It looks minimal, elegant and classy. And the same packaging for both palettes shows that it’s a new edition of the original iconic product.


Okay, so the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette Vol.1 has a little bit of everything. It is essentially an everyday palette with a dash of bright colors for more funky looks too. So you get natural shades of browns, greys, and nudes, as well as deeper colors like turquoise, dark blue, deep purple. It has lots of high intensity shimmers as well… from baby pink to deep gold, to ivory, to green. Still, overall it is very usable and you can create any kind of everyday look and soft glam with it.

Now volume 2 is not exactly an everyday palette and it is more jazzy, bright and has an extra vibrancy! Even the shades are more intense and bold. Of course, it has muted shades too so there are lots of transition colors. And there are even some pressed glitters! (beautiful, creamy and shiny.) But, Jaclyn did mention that it’s not a palette you need to shy away from because it actually has enough neutrals to create some natural glam too.

There are oranges, yellows, rusts, caramel, corals, and so many pinks, purples, and even a true red.


If there’s one thing we believe in, it’s Jaclyn Hills’ eyeshadow formula. It is not the standard Morphe formula. In fact, Jaclyn exclusively created her own formula in collaboration with Morphe. The amazing formula we experienced while using the first volume is back again.

Jaclyn shared that it’s even better in volume 2,  especially the pressed glitters.

Overall verdict

Here’s our verdict if you still haven’t purchased any of the two Jaclyn Hill Morphe palettes. If you want something neutral with a little bit of oomph, then we would still suggest the OG Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette Volume 1. Especially, if you want an all-rounder, universal palette and if you’re a beginner.

But if you love creating exotic looks and experimenting then pick up the all-new volume 2 and have fun playing with the beautiful shades.

Then again, if you’re a makeup addict like I am then you already have the iconic OG Jaclyn Hill palette. And it’s time to grab the second volume because it’s oh-so-pretty and yes, it’s a must-have at the price.