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First & Sixth Seasons of Bojack Horseman Similar Finales?!

First & Sixth Seasons of Bojack Horseman Similar Finales?!

Bojack Horseman has ended but our love for the show has not. And while we’re rewatching this lovable series again, we’re noticing some interesting details at a second glance. One interesting observation we made is how the first season and last season ended on very similar notes. Remember the final moments of the Bojack Horseman finale when Diane (Alison Brie) and Bojack (Will Arnett) share a few words sitting on the roof? Well, the first season ended with the exact same picture. And we are in awe of the little details and changes the writers made while giving us the same scene as an ending note. Keep reading to find out more.

Bojack Horseman Finale Moments | Season 1

So when Season 1 of Bojack Horseman ended, in episode 12 called ‘Later’ we see a heart-touching scene. Diane Nguyen is seen sitting on the roof smoking a cigarette. During a party, Bojack Horseman comes to her and asks her, “not big on parties, huh?”  She replies, “Nah I never know what to do with my hands.”

Bojack Horseman tells her he got selected for the movie Secretariat, but now he doesn’t know what to do. Then Diane and he discuss life philosophy together, marking a start to their beautiful friendship. This scene depicts Bojack always coming to her for help, since the start of the show.

Diane then tells Bojack about how she thought she’d be doing really important work when she moved to LA. Like writing that makes a difference.

The episode ends with Bojack saying, “I really wanted you to like me, Diane.”

The final scene

Season 6 Episode 16 ‘Nice While It Lasted’ is the Bojack Horseman finale. Interestingly, it ends on a very similar yet different note. Diane is sitting on the roof again, smoking a cigarette. And Bojack enters the scene.

Diane then tells him about her work; she’s writing for a middle-grade fictional series. And she is still unfulfilled with how her goals played out for her. She isn’t the same Diane as the one shown in the same scene in Season 1. She’s less chirpy, more grounded, and she has become overweight due to the depression. I think they’ve created this scene beautifully to show her growth as a person throughout these years.

Bojack then talks to her about his life as usual. But this time, the movie he’s about to do is ‘Horny Unicorn’- a huge downgrade from Secretariat. This highlights how his life and career went downhill over the years.

In this scene, Bojack is seen following the same pattern he always had with Diane. Seeking her validation and approval and asking her for all life-related help and advice.

But unlike the first scene when Diane was so eager to help him change and become better, the contrast is clear as now she has given up. And she has decided to move on. This highlights the burden of emotional labor that Bojack has put her through over the years. And she finally puts her foot down.

The two scenes put together, tragically show the start and demise of a friendship.

Similar to the first season finale, they discuss life philosophy together. This time Bojack asks,

Lifes a bitch and then you die, right?

Diane then says:

Sometimes life’s a bitch and then you keep living.

Diane then tells him she’s glad she knew Bojack. That he needs to promise to take care of himself, and a thank you.

It’s heartbreaking how these scenes together depict the entire friendship the two had in the show. From the start to its’ end. Finally, the last episode ends with a silent moment of Bojack and Diane under the clear blue sky, simply looking at each other and away while Mr.Blue plays in the background. A beautiful albeit tragic ending.