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Miranda Sings's YouTube Quarantine Series

Miranda Sings’s YouTube Quarantine Series

While the entire world economy collapses with the Coronavirus, our YouTubers are probably best off. They continue their jobs just as normal for all they need is a camera. And most of them have their shooting spaces and have offices set up in their homes anyway. Much like their pretty normal work a day lives. So, YouTuber who is a singer, dancer, actor, model and magician, Miranda Sings is doing her thing. The Netflix’s Haters Back Off star, Miranda Sings is the alter ego of YouTuber and Broadway actress, Colleen Ballinger. And she has started her own Quarantine series.

Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings is Quarantined in her bathroom

So… What do you expect from Miranda Sings when you hear that she has a Quarantine series? Something weird of course! But this is totally entertaining. Miranda Sings decides to Quarantine because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). And she ends up Quarantined in the bathroom. With her cat. The cat in the bathroom is Collen Ballinger’s actual cat, Daisy.

Miranda Sings says,

Hey guys It’s me Miranda. I will be filming everything I do in my Quarantine in my bathroom. So if we are all going to be Quarantined, we will be Quarantined together. I am not gonna be taking any chances, I’m not gonna catch this freaking “Coronas”. I’ve locked myself in the bathroom. I’m taking all the precautionary measures.

She’s doing pretend live shows, playing with puppets (that she is using as gloves cause she dirtied hers) and just doing her thing. Also, her Quarantine obsession is playing Animal crossing.

So much that Miranda’s preferring the game over her baby kid. Again, Flynn is Colleen Ballinger’s, actual baby.

Meanwhile, Miranda posts an easy work out routine in the second episode of her self-quarantine series. It is hilarious.