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Crazy Wall-E Cars theory that will blow your mind!

Crazy Wall-E Cars theory that will blow your mind!

If you are a Pixar fan, you would know the popular theory that every movie that Pixar produces, takes place in the same universe. It’s quite an interesting one that connects movies like ‘Brave’ to ‘Toy Story’! But now, there’s a crazier theory about how Wall-E and Cars are related to one another.

‘Cars’ does not take place on Earth

So, the theory on Reddit has stated that everything we see happen in ‘Cars’ is not actually happening on Earth. Rather, it’s happening on an entirely different planet. Yes, folks! Everything that happens to McQueen isn’t these planets’ event.

So, is it a parallel universe? Has Pixar ventured into the ‘Interstellar’ realm? No, no. It’s just another planet. So basically, Cars is taking place on an entirely different planet but one which has technology left from Wall-E. The mysterious planet has been transformed into making it habitable into humans. The terraforming was done by humans from Wall-E, hence why we see some landmarks that are so similar to that of Earth’s.

Moreover, it’s not that Cars are merely sentient but the cars have humans inside them. It’s like their consciousness is merged into the computers of the cars. That explains why they portray human-like emotions and thoughts. The reason for doing that is because humans can’t survive in their original bodies due to the different gravitational and external circumstances of the new planet. The humans inside the cars can protect themselves via the body of the car.

“How do we know Cars took over Earth and not another planet?”

Plus, the ‘Cars’ movies occur in 2100-2200 too!

Wall-E connection to Cars

So, basically, if you remember the end of Wall-E you’ll know that we see a plant emerging from a boot on a barren planet.That’s a different planet than Earth. If there were Cars on Earth, we would see things differently.

Moreover, at the end of Wall-E we don’t see any functioning or talking Cars or planes on that planet.

Perhaps, it’s not that plausible a theory to some but it’s still a fictional universe and we as an audience are allowed to be as imaginative as we want.

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  1. This is one of the dumbest theories I’ve ever heard. First of all, the films take place in the present day. It’s a known fact Lightning McQueen is a 2006 model whose first Piston Cup season is the 2006 season. It’s also a known fact that the townies are models from the mid-1900/s, most of them exist in real life. A third known fact is that Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm are 2017 models. Secondly, it is impossible that a different planet would have perfect resemblances to their Earth counterparts (primarily referring to many of the locations in Cars 2 and the Planes spinoffs). Furthermore, a canon Cars short film, Moon Mater, actually shows the characters leaving/entering the Earth. Finally, because of the laws of physics, the “different gravitational and external circumstances” would require different types of vegetation to withstand those circumstances, however any and all vegetation seen in all Cars movies/shorts is 100% identical to what you can find on Earth today.

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