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Miley Cyrus talks about her banger song

Jimmy Fallon is still going strong with his celebrity interviews from his living room. He is one good example of working from home. He is still providing quality content to his followers in this time of need. Entertainment is in shortage these days, so the ones who are going on a limb to help us out, we are going to give them the due credit.

Miley Cyrus joins Jimmy Fallon

Well, among the many questions that Jimmy asked Miley, he asked which old songs of hers are still relatable today. To which she replied that some of the oldies are still relatable to her. She actually realized this when she was preparing for a show in Australia. Cyrus has no new songs so she looked at some old ones. And it hit her then that she hasn’t changed much. 7 things, See You Again, Who Owns My Heart, and Can’t Be Tamed are among those songs. In those days, she was screaming at the top of her lungs that she isn’t the good girl Hanna Montana. She is something else entirely, and well that is still correct today. But Can’t Be Tamed is her favorite if you’re asking Miley Cyrus to pick one.

Watch Miley Cyrus talking about her old songs on Fallon Tonight below:

Miley Cyrus