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Amber Heard might be going to prison for fake evidence

Even though Coronavirus is locking everyone in their homes, the justice is still expected to be served to the deserved ones. While the world waits for the virus to disappear from the planet earth, they are also waiting o get back to their normal routine. They want their favorite movies released already and some are already planning a year-long schedule. You know, to celebrate life and be thankful for it. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are still fighting each other to get the final verdict on who wronged who. We do not have an idea on how this will turn out. But the sources are already speculating that Amber Heard can end up in prison if her evidence is declared fake by the court.

Amber Heard might go to prison

Things are not looking good for Amber Heard. But the thing is, things were not looking good for Johnny Depp as well. New evidences are coming every other week. And with every new evidence, there is an inclination on who might win this war in the end. Honestly speaking, all the Aquaman and Pirates of the Caribbean fans are invested into this defamation case, filed by JD. One of them will win the case in the end, and it can ruin the other person’s career forever.

Currently, the speculations are that Amber Heard can face imprisonment upto 3 years if she is found guilty of producing fake evidence. Johnny Depp claims that Amber painted bruised on herself to obtain a temporary restraining order against Depp. In fact, James Franco might be submitting his statement as well because he was seen sharing the elevator with her.

On the other hand, The Blast arranged a document from the court where Heard’s celebrity stylist Samantha McMillen shared details. While Amber said that Depp gave her two black eyes. The next day, she had to attend James Corden show. Now, the stylist said that Amber Heard appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, but she did not have any bruises.

Throughout the day of December 16, 2015, I could see clearly that Amber Heard did not have any visible marks, bruises, cuts, or injuries to her face or any other part of her bod.


If Amber Heard is proven guilty of faking her evidence, then as per the California Penal Code Section 141 PC, it deserves punishment. In fact, altering modifying, planting, placing, concealing, manifesting, or moving any physical matter to cause harm to someone and get him charged with a crime. A felony crime, to be precise.

The Blast further states that other related charges include offering false evidence and preparing false evidence. Since these are considered felony crimes, then if proven guilty, Amber Heard can be sentenced of up to 3 years.

The details unfolding are not pretty. We will share more details as they come out.