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Melanie Martinez Releases 'The Bakery' Music Video

Melanie Martinez Releases ‘The Bakery’ Music Video

Melanie Martinez just dropped a double treat for her fans in form of a new music video ‘The Bakery’ and ‘After School’ EP. Melanie’s The Bakery’s official video just premiered on Youtube and it’s really really cute. But is it okay to say that I still cannot get over Melanie’s Play Date? A lot of people didn’t even know about its existence. Until someone started a trend on Tiktok and made it a success for Melanie. Play Date has now touched almost 107 million views on Youtube. Oh and some of you might not know that great song lyrics come to those who smoke weed. I am being serious guys. Melanie shared in an interview with the Idolator that she wrote Play Date when she was in her NY studio smoking weed. Our singer here must have a thing for sweets because last year she released the song ‘Shortcake’. And now she has released the whole bakery.

Melanie Martinez’ The Bakery is super lit

Alright, so we will start talking about ‘The Bakery’ lyrics and video in a minute. But first, we have to take a look at the video.

sddefault Melanie Martinez The Bakery

Pause the video at 0:06 and try reading the posters which are plastered outside the bakery. The blue poster says “Defund the police”, the pink one says “No pigs allowed” and the green one says “BLM”.

Now you all must be thinking who directed ‘The Bakery’ official video. Well, our gorgeous singer directed it by herself. Props to her for promoting important messages of social justice. Now let’s continue watching the video.

So when The Bakery’s door opens, there is a bunny cracking an egg in a big pot. And guess who comes out of it dancing? No, not the egg yolk and no, not even a baby chicken. It’s Melanie herself.

So I guess we are cooking some Melanie cookies in this video because the chef Bunny just made a dough ball and is rolling it with a rolling pin. So whatever is happening at 0:41 is a little disturbing. Because this cookie dough has a head, Melanie’s head. And it’s a little creepy.

Pack it, box it, flip it, top it

With a bow tie ribbon, stop it

Eating all the rainbow cookies

Pies are flying through the roof

Oh, so they are making rainbow cookies in The Bakery, cool. And guess what’s cooler? Melanie is actually belly dancing at 1:15 in very minimal clothes.

I just want you guys to watch the ending by yourself because it is a little creepy for me.

But overall ‘The Bakery’ is a really catchy song. Let us know what you guys think about the video?