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Logan Paul receives Twitter backlash after “ruining” 15 Game Boys

Recently, Logan Paul came under fire when he made a resin table using 15 Game Boys. People are upset with him for destroying the Game Boys.

Recently, Logan Paul tried his hands on a resin project. He used 15 Game Boys in his DIY project and created a table with them. In the 90s, this version of the handheld gaming device was the highest-selling handheld model. Despite its popularity, this model was discontinued in 2003. Therefore, it has achieved the status of an antique. After Paul shared his project, people reacted and expressed anger. People all over social media have criticized him, and he is receiving backlash.

A few days back, Logan Paul accused Floyd Mayweather of not paying him

Last year, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather decided to go head-to-head in a boxing match. However, the match got delayed until June this year. Before the match, Jake Paul and Mayweather had a brawl when Paul took off the boxer’s hat. During the match, Logan Paul tried his best to reach Mayweather’s level. Despite his efforts, he could not sustain the punches. Ultimately, no winner was declared, but Mayweather had the upper hand. Recently, Paul accused the boxer of not paying him his due fee. On Instagram, he shared a photoshopped picture of his opponent and wrote:

“Pay me my money you f***ing cornball of a human.”

Recently, the YouTuber took on a DIY project and made a table from Game Boy

Logan Paul shared the snippet from his DIY project on his Twitter account. While he assumed that people would appreciate his talent, it backfired. For his project, Logan Paul acquired 15 handheld models of Game Boys by Nintendo. This model has been discontinued since 2003. However, it was a huge deal in the 90s and is still treasured by millennials. For his project, Logan Paul placed 15 Game Boys and put epoxy resin over them, which meant that they would not be used after that. With the help of this, he created a table.

Shortly after this, people came to Logan Paul and criticized him

According to people, Logan Paul destroyed a unique thing that is not being made anymore. For this purpose, the YouTuber received backlash on Twitter. One person said:

I’ve been trying to buy a game boy color for years and here you are destroying ones that could be put to use

Meanwhile, another shared a meme and said:

Logan Paul made a table out of Game Boy Colors. where is he i just wanna TALK

Another person said:

Logan Paul knows perfectly well that destroying all those Game Boy Colors to make a table gets people upset and thus engagement and money. Don’t fall for it.

One person shared a gif of a man crying and wrote:

When Logan Paul destroys the only 15 Game Boy Colors ever sold:

On the other hand, one person talked about rich people’s desire for ownership.

maybe this is “too deep” but encasing a gameboy in resin is such an on-the-nose visual analogy for how the rich’s only desire is ownership for ownership’s sake. literally taking something meant to be played and enjoyed an making it unusable so it can be put on display

However, some people thought that criticizing Logan Paul over this was not very sensible.

I think it was a cool project, and he did an excellent job with it. Tell us in the comments what you think about it.