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Nikita Dragun says the Netflix Hype House show will expose “fake” influencers

According to Nikita Dragun, everyone's favorite influencers will be exposed on Netflix's Hype House. It will come out on 7th January.

Along with Nikita Dragun, many TikTokers star in Netflix’s Hype House. According to the trailer, there will be a lot of laughter and drama. A few days back, the YouTuber raised some eyebrows when she alleged that the show will expose everyone’s favorite influencers and reveal the truth. While it cannot be said for certain what she means, it might be a way of promoting the show. Dragun is one of the most controversial YouTubers out there and is no stranger to drama; therefore, one can expect her to make many eye-catching remarks.

Nikita Dragun, Hype House

From blackfishing to supporting James Charles, Nikita Dragun is always in news

Since the beginning, Nikita Dragun has remained on the list of controversial stars. In 2017, she was accused of wearing blackface while promoting the Jeffree Star Cosmetics campaign. At that point, she expressed disappointment at the backlash she received. According to Nikita Dragun, she was wrongly accused. However, she did not really learn any lesson and faced backlash for putting a dog leash on a Black man at the MTV Music Awards. Similarly, she was again accused of cultural appropriation by wearing box braids. In 2020, at the pandemic’s peak, Nikita Dragun attended a Hype House party that did not sit well with people.

Nikita Dragun, Hype House

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Recently, Netflix released a trailer for their upcoming show, Hype House.

After the popularity of TikTok, many TikTokers came together to form collective houses. Among them is Hype House, one of the biggest collections of the most famous TikTokers and YouTubers. While many might not be a part of it anymore, Netflix also noticed the collective house and decided to make a show about it. In April this year, Netflix also revealed that they are working on a reality show featuring the Hype House influencers.

A few days back, a show trailer was released featuring Nikita Dragun, Chase Hudson, Alex Warren, Vinnie Hacker, and many others. Throughout the trailer, the influencers were seen having fun and cracking jokes, thus showing us what to expect from the show. At the same time, you can also expect to see plenty of drama in the show. From personal relationships to work, the influencers will be feuding over everything. Moreover, Netflix has also revealed the show’s premiere date, which is 7th January 2022.

Nikita Dragun, Hype House

After the trailer came out, Nikita Dragun revealed that the show will expose everyone.

On her Instagram stories, the YouTuber and TikToker posted some messages. According to Nikita Dragun, everyone’s favorite influencers will be exposed on the Hype House show. She wrote:

I know who’s fake and who’s real. I just play along. Y’all are about to see how your ‘favs’ really act on this Netflix show. All I know is I kept it 100.

While many assumed that she is trying to stir the pot and start a new feud, others think this is Nikita Dragun’s way of promoting the show. Whatever the truth, she has definitely spiked everyone’s interest in the show, thus bringing more traffic to the show.