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Logan Paul Proves his Friendship again; Shades James Charles

Logan Paul Proves his Friendship again; Shades James Charles

Even though Logan Paul calls himself an "Ex-Controversial" YouTuber, he can hardly avoid being in the news. Who would have thought that a sweet gesture by Paul for a friend would cause James Charles to call him out?

If you are looking for a living example of a true “comeback”, just head over to Logan Paul’s YouTube channel. The way his 2020 is going, it’s hard to think that he is the same guy who people rooted against during November’s Boxing match. However, his recent act of kindness for a friend prompted none other than James Charles to call The Maverick out. Is a Logan Paul/James Charles feud on the horizon?

Logan Paul Surprises Mike Majlak with a… BILLBOARD!

Back in January, the YouTuber/Boxer arranged a meeting between his housemate Mike Majlak and former Adult Film star Lana Rhoades. It was a birthday gift for “Big Mike”, one that would kickstart a relationship between Majlak and Rhoades. Paul then gifted his assistant her dream car.

Recently, Mike’s book “The Fifth Vital” was published. The memoir focuses on his dark past and his chill-inducing redemption arc or basically, how he managed to get things right.

To make sure that “The Fifth Vital” fares well, Logan Paul promoted it by getting the book its own Billboard on the Walk of Fame! A true friend through thick and thin, that’s who Logan Paul is!


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i can’t read, but I’m sure @heybigmike’s new book is great. he shoved 10 years of heroin addiction, violence, tragedy, trauma, AND most importantly: his road to recovery… into 250 pages of brilliance. so we surprised him with a big ol’ billboard on the walk of fame. do yourself a favor and go get “The Fifth Vital” now on @Amazon (Link in Bio)

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James Charles Calls out Logan Paul for Blurring his Billboard!

Well, it turns out that Logan uploaded the Billboard photo on his Instagram after editing it. The blank board behind The Fifth Vital’s board apparently features a vital part of YouTube’s Beauty community, James Charles.

Charles was quick to notice his board’s absence in Paul’s post and commented on the “Ex-Controversial” YouTuber’s post.

Logan Paul

The Maverick then proceeded to tweet a “fixed” version of his Instagram post. You can check it out here…

Even though it’s clearly evident that the two influencers were just having some fun, some people had the impression that a real feud was brewing between them. James Charles then cleared the air on Twitter and said,

What?! James Charles and Logan Paul are about to become neighbors? Expect a lot of fun collaborations in the near future. And yes, the possibility of James Charles appearing on Impaulsive is now stronger than ever!