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James Charles Unites Beauty Community In One Big Collab

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OMG! I just can’t believe what I just watched on YouTube. You guys need to head over to James Charles’ YouTube channel and see for yourself. It’s like watching some of the amazing YouTuber Influencers under one roof maintaining the one-room distance and doing their thing. I hope you guys are getting what I am trying to say.

The Reason Behind The Biggest Beauty Collab

Well! All the James Charles fans are hooked to James x Youtube’s ‘Instant Influencer‘. For all those people who still don’t know what the show is about, they need to watch it ASAP. James invited four amazing YouTube beauty influencers, Nikita Dragun, Bretman Rock, Louie Castro, and Nyma Tang on the reality-based beauty competition’s latest episode.

The contestants made collab videos with the Youtube beauty influencers and totally nailed the whole concept. They shared ideas, filmed some content, and edited it.

James Charles even challenged the contestants to make an apology video related to some fake drama scandals. Some cried crocodile tears while others kind of failed at the whole acting thing. But the concept was really nice. As all the YouTube influencers have to make apology videos regarding fake or real drama scandals at some point.

So James got really inspired by the concept of ‘Instant Influencer’ latest episode. And planned to do ‘The Biggest Beauty Collab In History’ with seven iconic Youtube beauty influencers. And let me remind you that some of the biggest YouTube beauty influencers, Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, Jaclyn Hill, and Tati Westbrook are missing in the beauty collab video.

Now Let’s Talk About James Charles’ Biggest Beauty Collab In History’

Umm, you guys can agree to disagree with me but this collab is more like an improvised version of Tiktok’s ‘Don’t Rush Challenge‘. With James and seven other beauty influencers, NikkieTutorials, Bretman Rock, Patrick Star, Manny Mua, Mykie, Louie, and Nikita.

It’s indeed very difficult to do a collab challenge with the ongoing coronavirus lockdown situation. But James Charles made it possible by doing a virtual collab. You can see in the video how these beauty influencers do one step of their make-up routine and forward the next product and step to the other to complete the whole look.

All the money raised by this amazing beauty collab will be given to WHO’ ‘COVID-19 Solidarity Respond Fund‘.

Oh Lord, this collaboration is really making me feel like giving another try to Tiktok’s ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ once again. My previous one was all right but I guess I have learned two or three things from this biggest beauty collab.

So James throws down a bottle of foundation to Nikkie and from here the whole collab thing starts. Then comes the King of concealing and baking. He is none other than our very own Patrick Starrr.

Who is next on the list? Obviously our Mama Dragun ‘Nikita’. So she makes all the hard contour and baking lines presentable by adding a good amount of blush (in brown and pink tones ). And Miss Mikey clearly doesn’t have any eyebrows like Nikita but she still managed to hack them with Kat Von D’s brow pomade.

Now here comes James, who starts rumbling and mixing and applying eyeshadows with the speed of a lightning bolt. 3,2,1 and voila, the cutest b*tch of the beauty collab, Bretman, is here to put some false eyelashes on.

You will witness Manny having a little highlighting moment and Louie is making them Latina lips pop. But something is definitely wrong with his lip line. It looks a little crooked or maybe I need to put my spectacles on.

I swear I haven’t seen anything this beautiful in the year 2020. Oh no, wait, Arina Grande and Justin Bieber’s Stuck With U is equally amazing.

Leave a comment down below if you guys want to see me doing the don’t rush challenge.

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