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Logan Paul is James Charles' Favorite Neighbour

Logan Paul is James Charles’ Favorite Neighbour

OMG! I have a piece of spicy news for you all. James Charles has a very hot neighbor, and it’s none other than the famous YouTuber/actor ‘Logan Paul.’ Can you guys believe this thing? Fans would have shipped them together. But Logan Paul is pretty much straight and is currently dating ‘Josie Conseco.’

James, I guess you are one of those lucky sisters who will be treated right by 2020. Maybe we will get to see James in Logan Paul’s upcoming YouTube videos. Or maybe we will see Logan and his girlfriend Josie Conseco doing James’ makeover with ‘My Neighbours Do My Makeup Tag’.

James Charles and Logan Paul | Hottest Neighbourhood Alert

I still can’t believe my eyes and ears, but I have no other choice. I wish James could have clicked a picture or two with Logan. So anyway, we all know that James has been trying his best to stay active on social media and post more videos on his YouTube channel.

Fans are assuming that Instant Influencer has changed James Charles’ life altogether as he has recently gained a lot of followers on his social media. I cannot even explain the amount of love and respect fans shower on this beautiful sister. Or maybe I can, because James recently hit 20 million subscribers on his YouTube.

Anyway, let’s jump back to how James bumped into Logan Paul. We all know that James recently moved to a new place which, according to him, is much bigger and better. And he has a big a*s studio which is under renovation. So James was trying to post a video on his YouTube channel, and he couldn’t. Because of the plodding internet speed in the area.

“Good morning you guys Happy Tuesday. Today is gonna be a really really cool day. I am uploading a new video in about 40 minutes from now… The Wifi in the new house is not very good yet. no-no-no.

Despite the fact that I am paying thousands of dollars a month with spectrum, it’s still sh*t. So I am currently on a walk to my lovely neighbour Logan Paul’s house to steal his fiber internet. Be right there, Logan.”

So Logan is the only one with the fastest fiber internet on the west side of California. If this isn’t neighborhood goals, then I don’t know what is.

I wish I had a cool neighbor like Logan so that I could get fast and free internet anytime. (hehe) Let’s see if any of these two neighbors will make a guest appearance in each other’s YouTube videos.