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Lil Nas X drops new emotional song 'Sun Goes Down'

Lil Nas X drops new emotional song ‘Sun Goes Down’

Lil Nas X released the music video of his new single “Sun Goes Down” on Friday. The 22-year-old Grammy-winning musician also co-directed the video of his single. The newly released video was a total hit on the internet. It crossed 8 million views in 3 days. The rapper also opened up about the latest video of the single and told PEOPLE that it is his “most vulnerable song” so far. This was a deeply personal video in which Lil Nas revisits some of the struggles he went through when he was coming to terms with his sexuality as a teenager.

The latest music video shows different moments from the rapper’s early life. One moment, he is spending his time in his room and feeling alone during prom night. He ends up crying in the bathroom. In the next moment, he is having a breakdown but his present self appears and provides encouragement to the past self.

Some of the lyrics of the single were too emotional:

Since Ten I’ve been feeling lonely

Had friends but they were picking on me

Always thinkin why my lips so big

Was i too dark? Can they sense my fears?

These gay thoughts would always haunt me

At the end, the rapper walks along his younger self back to the prom. The teenager then gets on the dance floor with a big smile on his face.

Fans get emotional after seeing Lil Nas X’s latest music video

The latest music video of Lil Nas X became popular very fast. People on social media flooded the rapper’s social media with tributes to his early struggles as a teenager. Many reactions were received from fans of the rapper. They are currently going through a roller coaster of emotions. Some were taken aback by the rapper’s beautiful voice and rhythmic catchphrases in the song. And some felt the grief seeing how much the rapper went through in his teenage life.

Twitter was filled with praises for the rapper. Everyone but especially the queer community praised Lil Nas. Some said that the song is sad yet catchy.

We sure are emotional after seeing the rapper’s latest video. Let us know in the comments down below if you have watched the video?