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James Charles returns to Social Media for his Birthday

On May 23rd, James Charles posted a picture of him and his golden retriever on social media to thank fans for sending him birthday wishes. But his return to social media was totally unexpected and that’s one of the reasons why he was greeted with a lot of negativity. Many of the comments under his post were very negative. This really is not a surprise to a lot of people given James Charles’ past.

The famous beauty guru went on a social media break when grooming allegations and a lawsuit from his previous producer came out. James took a social media break to hold himself accountable. He posted an apology video in April and then vanished from the internet. The video was titled as ‘Holding myself accountable.

He said in the video that he would take some time off to reflect on himself. But the famous celebrity returned briefly to discuss his ongoing lawsuit in May. He posted a video on his Twitter account but fans got outraged and said that James’ hiatus was short-lived. Not too long after, the beauty guru returned to social media again. He posted a picture of himself and his dog wearing a party hat on May 24th.

Here is the caption of the picture:

Just wanted to say hello and thank you so much for the birthday wishes and love, it means a lot

James Charles make fans angry

When James posted his picture on Instagram, many fans were angered and asked James to go back to his social media break. He received around 22,000 comments under his latest post but most of the comments were negative. Charles’ fans have asked him to go back to hiatus not once but TWICE. Many comments said, “GO AWAY”. Some of the fans were a bit supportive as well but the negative comments outnumbered the positive ones for sure.

One user wanted James to hold himself accountable for his wrong actions:

Hold yourself accountable, please

One straight up asked James to not come back.

Do not ever come back. Never come back.

People were mainly furious because they said that James can’t come back just like that. Not after what he did and the allegations against him. Many people seemed to think that how can he think of coming back after what he did.