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Learn About Nikita Dragun’s Dating Life In ‘Nikita Unfiltered’

For all those people who still don’t know about this beautiful soul, Nikita Dragun is a make-up guru and model. She started her career from YouTube by posting makeup tutorials. And now she has her own makeup brand known by “Dragun Beauty”.

Nikita Unfiltered

Nikita Unfiltered is Snapchat’s original series which makes storytelling pretty much exclusive for mobile phones. The crazy ten-episode series will surely give you an insight into Nikita’s life as a transgender woman.

First Episode:

She mentions in the first episode that she is open to dating and potentially finding love. And talks about her first ever guy friend in L.A. named Oscar.

“So Oscar was the first guy I met in L.A, the first being my uber driver. Back then I was just like this little college kid just trying to make it in L.A.In early days I was constantly flirting with him trying to get his attention”.

She mentions that she has tested the waters with him, it was cute. Anyways, Oscar helps Nikita in choosing her dress for the evening. She doesn’t tell him that she is going on a blind date with somebody.

Second Episode:

It is kind of sad how people who were really close to her have ghosted her throughout the years. Olivia and Sydney are the only girlfriends she has at the moment. They both are a pillar of strength for her.

Third Episode:

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Jake, who happens to be Nikita Dragun’s manager, shares with her that the Bretman Rock collaboration with Dragon Beauty for holiday is not going to happen anytime soon.

“Bretman was my day one friend. We kind of grew up in this space together. It just su*ks when you’re just kind of left alone.”

She was confused by the whole thing. Bretman Rock was her best friend. Maybe Bretman bailed at the last moment because Nikita’s presence in his personal and business space could affect him in many ways.

And James Charles who happens to be Nikita’s best friend comes to the rescue. They go out, have fun and DM a guy from Nikita’s phone.

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Then the worst thing happens when Nikita shows James his dress designer Oscar’s profile. James thinks he is everything that Nikita wants. But sadly Nikita doesn’t feel the same way:

“The other day I saw him with his ex. I don’t – if it’s a sense of jealousy but it’s more of a sense like homey you were out here trying to run games with me but I like you.

Let’s take our friendship to the next level. And then you’re still with your ex who is like big a**, Burly a** man.”

To which James reply as:

“He probably feels the same way about you in terms of the friendships that you do behind that he loves you and he has been there for you. But he obviously has romantic feelings.

On top of that which is a different vibe. He is probably as confused as you are. You willing to ruin the friendship if it doesn’t work.”

Well! Finally, someone is putting some sense into Nikita’s head. Like girl, you are going out with other guys and also getting cozy with Oscar at the same time. You have no right to complain about his actions because yours are the same.

Episode 4:

Nikita is not going to stop anytime soon. She is ready for her second date with another random guy, named Caue.

“This guy is literally everything, tall, accent, suavemente.”

Alright, so things did not go as planned. The random date takes a picture with Nikita and posts it on his Instagram (which Nikita doesn’t know about). Meanwhile, Nikita goes to the washroom and calls her friend to explain the worst date of her life. She explains how the guy took the picture and then shares his profile details with her friend. The friend then tells Nikita that the guy has just posted a selfie with her two minutes ago. Nikita gets angry and insults the guy really badly. She even throws the drink shot on his face.

Some fans may perceive this as a bit too aggressive. The guy may just have been excited about his date and wanted to post it there. But it does seem a bit off when they didn’t even connect and the guy just posts the picture with Nikita. It’s not a crime to post a picture but who knows what the guy’s intentions were?

Episode 5:

Another episode filled with lots and lots of drama. Nikita Dragun does a Halloween special photoshoot with her friend Jason. Where she mentions a back story with her boyfriend.

“My ex-boyfriend was hired as a male model for social media. It started as a business relationship but after we hung out together for so long, I started to really catch feelings for him. It just sucks. I didn’t do anything you know. He took advantage of me.”

Jason replies:

“Do you think he took advantage of you or he liked you?”

Nikita thought he took advantage of her and broke her heart. And that she won’t miss any party because of her ex presence.

She goes to the party with her friends and hides in the washroom when one of her friends tells her that her ex just arrived at the party.

We are halfway through Nikita Dragun’s journey

Episode 6:

Oscar finally mans up and ask Nikita about her feeling for him. If she wants him as a boyfriend or a friend.

That’s really confusing. It’s like Nikita is leading on the poor guy in the wrong direction.

“I don’t know if I wanna lose my friend you know. Is that a fair statement? I don’t know what I am thinking. I feel confused.”

Sweetheart! You’re making things difficult for yourself and the poor guy. You should just make a decision and stick to it. You can’t just kiss a friend on the lips just like that, without having any feelings.

She also discusses the whole scenario with her trans mom “Raquel”.

And then she goes on another date with another random guy, named Cory. I don’t know about you guys but I vote in favor of this dude.

Episode 7:

Nikita goes to her hormone replacement therapy with her mom. And it’s good to see how her dad feels so protective of her for going on blind dates with guys.

She gets in a little argument with her mom over an eye surgery. Which she has been wanting to get from weeks. Just so she can feel more girly and all.

Episode 8:

Nick Cooper, the celebrity vocal coach is making Nikita Dragun practice on her vocals. After the transition, things are getting a little difficult for her. She used to sing classical songs when she was a boy but now she has to work from scratch.

So she throws a listening party and invites her close family and friends. And presents her very first single “Fake b*t*h.”

She received a lovely response from her friends. And her mother’s feedback just topped the list.

“I missed hearing you sing. I asked about it a couple of times. And as you went through your transition, you just said that it was really hard. I am really glad that you stuck it out.”

Episode 9:

“Love is complicated especially when it’s right there staring at you in the face”.

Nikita Dragun decides to go out on a dinner date with Cory but he doesn’t show up.

So she goes to the gym to put off some steam. Mr.Banks who happens to be Nikita’s fitness instructor motivates her to go out on a proper date with Oscar.

They actually go out on a date after knowing and liking each other for years. Oscar gets really emotional at the end when he says:

“Sometimes you just have to like experience sh*t to like understand. Now you have something. I know that I f**ked up.”

So he asks her again like a true gentleman if she would like to experience dating with him on a serious note. Or, if she only wants him as a friend.

It was Oscar’s fault to give her the power to choose.

Episode 10:

“I processed everything which you were telling me, I figured out that I love you. I always have waited for a guy or like someone to come along and just like decide anything that’s what makes it complicated. Because I kind of forgot that I could say something too. I felt like you just want me.”

And she decides to end it on a very good note.

Nikita sweetheart, sometimes you just have to listen to your heart. You are clearly overthinking a lot of stuff. You should have given a chance to Oscar.

But if you think you are not ready to put your friendship into jeopardy, you shouldn’t have started any sort of physical relationship with him.

You are an adult and you know what is best for you. So it’s better to listen to your heart. You’re so young and lovely. Don’t lose hope.