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Are Jeffree Star Fans Being Unfair To Nathan Schwandt?

As you all know it’s been more than three months now since Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt have parted ways. Things were going fine until last week. Jeffree Star changed the description of an old video along with the title. Then he changed the title back to the original and removed the description totally.

The original description of the video was “Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car! “.

dream car

Then Jeffree changed both the description and video title to this:

changed description

And now Jeffree has changed the title again and removed the description completely. Because fans were bombarding him with dozens of questions, he had to make a video and explain everything.

Jeffree Cautiously Threw Some Shade At Nathan Schwandt

If you fast forward the video to 19:35, Jeffree is explaining the whole Aston Martin thing. So now we all know that the car belongs to Jeffree since day one. He also explained that he can’t share much about the whole situation for his own sake of safety.

“Nathan and my relationship was very real. And I think I acted out because I am kind of going through it. There is a lot of stuff, really dark ugly stuff, happening behind the scenes since the break-up. I have been devasted honestly like and I don’t want to say that because I am scared of being degraded online……………………………

And I haven’t told anyone that I haven’t vented or said a word but it’s been rough. So right now I don’t want to talk about anything else. I hope you guys can understand that. Even for like legally, for my protection. I don’t really want to say anything.”

Nathan Schwandt

Jeffree is talking about some legal issues. And we are not really aware of them, but maybe it has to do something with the Aston Martin, Nathan’s house, Nathan’s makeup collaboration and his part in Jeffree’s business.

Nathan Schwandt Is Still Getting Hate From Jeffree Star Fans

I really don’t know why people can’t just leave him be. Nathan Schwandt was the one who motivated Jeffree Star to start his own YouTube makeup channel. Jeffree didn’t have money at that time. Nathan even pushed him to start his own cosmetic company and helped him throughout.

Now, guys, money is not everything. Sometimes you just need someone by your side. And Nathan played that part by being a solid pillar in Jeffree’s personal life and career.

I am writing this thing again and again just because people can’t just stop throwing shade and hate at Nathan:

the new hot topic in town is to throw shade at Nathan

Jeffree Star’s new video doesn’t have any information at all. People are so bored these days that they have started spewing venom at Nathan.

he won't forget honey

Oh honey, if you think Nathan only dated Jeffree Star for fame then you are wrong. Firstly, Nathan Schwandt never cared for fame and actually didn’t like being in the spotlight. Secondly, he was there to be by Jeffree’s side throughout the five years they were together.

But fans can’t stop throwing hate at Nathan on social media.

And Aphrodite’s video is strictly made for entertainment purposes. So how can you even believe the stuff he is saying in most of his videos?


Well, Jeffree’s fans are criticizing Nathan for being on social media back again after the break-up because Nathan always said he didn’t like it. The criticism doesn’t make sense because most of us out there have social media profiles, even if we’re not big fans of it.

leave him be

What happened here is that they thought it was better to part ways before things start getting ugly for both of them. Nathan and Jeffree broke up on a good note.

Nathan Can Do What Pleases Him

So a lot of people are speculating that Nathan is dating this girl from Michigan. They both have taken pictures at the same spot and posted it on their Instagram profile.

The first thing is they are not in the picture together. Secondly, him liking anyone’s pictures or Instagram posts isn’t really something to indicate that he’s dating anyone. Even if he is, it’s not really a cause to throw hate on him.

He is liking pictures of surfer friends and I guess he is allowed to do that. It’s a free country, after all.

He has liked multiple pictures of this handsome man who is a model, fitness freak and mental health advocate. This indicates that he is going through some mental stress and issues of his own.

Another screenshot is circulating on the internet where Nathan likes the picture of a girl whose peaches are exposed.

She is pretty much-taken, guys. So please stop portraying Nathan as a bad guy jumping on girls’ Instagram posts.

I wonder how many days he has spent thinking about the reason why people are throwing hate at him. There are very few people out there who totally understand what he is going through. Let’s just hope for his and Jeffree’s betterment.