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Jake Paul is Prepared for Apocalypse amid Lockdown!

Jake Paul is Prepared for Apocalypse amid Lockdown!

Seeing the ongoing pandemic as a serious one, Jake Paul is ready for apocalypse and has taken necessary measures to save himself in case things go violent!

Jake Paul is known for his high-octane vlogs. Even though he limited his presence on the internet last year to train for his boxing fight, Jake Paul vlogs are finally back (featuring Julia Rose!). However, he has to tone down his style, now that he is in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. But while he is locked down, he is preparing for something much bigger!

Jake Paul is a “Doomsday Prepper”Jake Paul

The YouTuber/Boxer was recently a guest on Impaulsive. There, he touched down on numerous developments transpiring in his life and business including his relationship with Julia Rose. One of the focal points of the podcast was the severity of COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2).

At one point, Jake asked Logan if he thinks that things will get violent over time. This is when Logan brought up that his younger brother is a “semi-doomsday prepper” who would get his bug out bag ready in case things go south.

The Team 10 founder said that he has been like that since he was 16. Moreover, he is a fan of zombie apocalypse movies and admitted that he actually wants things to get apocalyptic. However, he clarified right away that it’s just a fantasy.

How is Jake Paul Preparing for “Apocalypse”?

While in quarantine, the YouTuber is leaving no stones unturned to keep himself secure from a potential “Home Invasion”. He revealed that he has bought thousands of pounds of cinderblocks to create shooting barriers off of his house’s roof. Jake has also stocked up on sandbags and plywood (to board up all the windows).

Additionally, he has truckloads of water and food supplies available. Lastly, as we saw in one of the latest Jake paul vlogs, he has purchased a “Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle”. Paul said that he is concerned about the residents of LA invading his house in case things turn violent.

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The coronavirus pandemic surely has us concerned about our health & safety. However, it’s pretty much evident that Jake is taking things a bit too seriously. What do you think?