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Kim Kardashian says Tom Hanks is Favourite actor - Seth Rogen Reacts!

Kim Kardashian says Tom Hanks is Favourite actor – Seth Rogen Reacts!

One of the infamous Kardashian sisters, Kim Kardashian recently revealed that actor Tom Hanks is her favorite. Some of his famous roles include The Circle, Bachelor Party, and Inferno. The man is a living legend and we cannot believe that one person has that much talent. Now 63, I think he has made quite the life for himself and his family. He has even worked in animations like The Polar Express and Toy Story. We totally get why Tom Hanks would be her favorite actor. However, it seems that the tweet by Kim K offended someone and that someone is Seth Rogen.

Seth Rogen is hurt at Kim Kardashian saying Tom Hanks is her favorite actor

When Kim Kardashian Tweets;

Tom Hanks is probably my favorite actor.

Our goofy man, Seth Rogan feels offended and replies


Seth Rogen himself is about 36 and has it going pretty good. He’s famous for his roles in Kung Fu Panda, The Neighbors, and The Lion King. Seth is a brand in himself most popular for roles that border on comedy and animation. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian does not acknowledge his tweet or respond to it. Not cool.

We believe Seth Rogen was only joking with the tweet because well, It’s quarantine and we are all bored.

However, TV Personality and Author, Dave Chang makes his way to Seth Rogen’s rescue in another reply to Kim Kardashian’s tweet!

My Favorite hip hop artist and fashion Designer is @Seth Rogen.

To which Seth Rogen replies,

Thank you, David.

Somehow, David Chang still managed to dodge the best actor part. Or is he just making a joke? Well, Seth Rogen seems pretty appreciative. However, his fans were ever so eager to cover for Seth from Kim Kardashian.

Let’s see if Kim responds!