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Jenna Fischer Calls Out Dailymail And Just Jared For Spreading Hoax

Jenna Fischer Calls Out Dailymail And Just Jared For Spreading Hoax

The Office fame Jenna Fischer is, certainly, not happy with Daily Mail and Just Jared for labeling someone else’s images as Fischer and her husband Lee Kirk. She, in fact, shares a snapshot from Dailymail’s 4th May post with headlines claiming that Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk were buying fresh produce from LA farmer’s market. Remember its the quarantine period.

Jenna Fischer Blames Dailymail For The Blunder

In response to this fake news, Jenna Fischer Tweeted aggressively clarifying that she and her husband never left their children amid this isolation period to do shopping in any Farmer’s market. Jenna requests both @DailyMail and entertainment Authority @JustJared to remove this post.

The picture displayed a couple wearing masks. The husband, however, is carrying the purchases in bags. The Tweet went viral on social media and a swarm of re-Tweets took to Twitter to comment on the mistake.

Amazingly, many followers thought that the Daily Mail picture actually showcases Jan Levinson-Gould, a fictional character from NBC series the office. The character played by Melora Hardin, a known American actress, and singer.

What Jenna Fischer Is Doing In Isolation

Jenna Fischer, our popular Pam Beesly from the NBC sitcom The Office, in fact, is a baking freak. We have recently discovered that the gorgeous lady is making sandwich bread amid Quarantine. The mother, of course, provides her expertise to feed her family with yummy sandwiches when white bread is missing at home. Its a glimpse from Jenna’s March quarantine period. The Emmy holder, perfectly, crafted sourdough cinnamon sugar popovers and brioche cinnamon rolls.

Hence, the story became the talk of the town, even one of the fan redirect followers to a Reddit photograph where a guy standing beside Jenna is tagged as her husband Lee Kirk.

Celebrities Posing With Mask

In short, the LolliLove, celebrity becomes pretty upset with this wrong MASKED exhibition. Yet there are celebrities who love to showcase themselves under a masked selfie during this pandemic lockdown. These include Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Zoey Deutch.