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Joshua D Evans learns to love himself 4 years after Divorce with Colleen Ballinger

Joshua D Evans learns to love himself 4 years after Divorce with Colleen Ballinger

I think if we look back at 2014, one of the most memorable couples from YouTube was Colleen Ballinger and Joshua D Evans. Their entire relationship was half the reason we watched YouTube. And do not even get us started on when they got married. From the proposal to the wedding, everything was just all that we could ever ask for. It surely set our standards. Their love story was every teenage girl’s dream. However, the most heartbreaking moment came when we heard that the two broke up. It all happened so suddenly that fans did not really get to process what happened.

And it seems that both Joshua David Evans and Colleen Ballinger were ever so ready to move on. After putting out their break up video, Colleen and her ex-husband just never mentioned it again. Meanwhile, Joshua moved back to his hometown in Georgia. After their break-up in 2016, he started dating childhood friend, Pamela Rose. Again, unexpected. As was Colleen Ballinger’s announcement that she was pregnant in early 2018. Well, as it goes, Joshua D. Town married Pamela then.

Joshua D. Evans says he is learning to love himself again!

In his recent Instagram post, Joshua D Evans posts that he is one-month alcohol-free! The guy has not had a drink for an entire month.

In an unexpected turn of events, Joshua mentions that he is finally learning to love himself one day at a time after four years of his divorce with Colleen Ballinger.

Love y’all. Also… as corny as it sounds… I love myself (which is something I haven’t done for 4 years). Be stronger than your strongest excuse.

In another insight, the divorce seems to have been his strongest excuse. Could that mean that marrying wife, Pamela Rose was just a way for Joshua D Evans to not lose the break-up? Well, at least he is getting back to loving himself!