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Jeffree Star will vote for Mr. Beast for the Shorty Awards 2020

The 12th Annual Shorty Awards will be happening on May 3, 2020. The Shorty Awards honor the best of the digital and the social world. The aim of this award ceremony is to recognize influencers, brands, and organizations on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and more. Winners are chosen through a combination of public votes and scores from the Real-Time Academy. Well, the nominations are out now and we have some scoop. Jeffree Star has announced that he will be voting for Mr. Beast.

Nominations for Shorty Awards 2020

The nominations were unveiled and some of our favorite and most popular content creators are on the list. In fact, every nominee is talented and deserves all the credit.

For YouTuber Of The Year award, we have a long list of YouTubers who created amazing content and engaged with their audience. They include:



Eugenia Cooney

Jarvis Johnson

Jeffree Star

Kayla Nicole



Psych IRL


Vareena Sayed


Jeffree Star will vote for Mr.Beast!

We are forever in awe of makeup mogul Jeffree Star. His sheer talent,  brilliant ideas and products, and his heart of gold. Jeffree Star founded his highly successful cosmetics line Jeffree Cosmetics but never compromised on his Youtube channel. He remains one of the best Content Creator of this time.

Mr. Beast is also a Youtuber who is popular and loved for all the right reasons. He is interesting, fun, and does creative attention-grabbing stunts. More importantly, he donates huge numbers of money to others. He’s an all-over lovable content creator with a big heart.

Here’s the wholesome bit. Jeffree Star appreciates Mr.Beast so much that he will be voting for him. Yes-even though the two are technically competitors in the same category. Isn’t Jeffree truly a sweetheart?

He shared the nomination list shared by Shorty Awards 2020 and quote tweeted:

Frankly, Youtube is not always about drama and beef. There is so much love, encouragement, and positivity too. We’re happy for all the content creators who got nominated. In fact, anyone who wins this award will be the right choice.