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F is for Family season 4 release date is in March or April 2020

F is for Family season 4 release date is in March or April 2020

F is for Family season 4 release date is something that we have all been wondering ever since the third season ended. Admit it or not, there is something captivating about Frank Murphy’s unique bitter approach to life. He’s presented as an antihero but you end up rooting for him. It’s easy to forgive him for his shortcomings because, to be honest, life does keep screwing this guy over.

F is For Family Season Airing Schedule

Now, Bill Burr has been teasing that the upcoming season is about to be released soon. So, let’s get down to it.

There is absolutely no news about the release date as of yet. That’s when we were going to put up our Sherlock’s brains and investigate ourselves. The thing is, F is for family has a very random airing schedule.

So, the second season came after two years but the third season came just a year later. Is this very confusing? Yep, it is. But worry not we have confirmation that F is for Family season 4 is coming in 2020.

Why are we sure it’s coming in Spring 2020? Well, there’s evidence! Yeah, we do our proper investigation here.

Executive producer and writer of the show confirmed the F is for Family season 4 release date

So, apparently a website was incorrectly claiming that the fourth season of Bill Burr’s show is coming in 20 days back on 19th December 2019. This news was obviously false. So, one of the show’s executive producers and writers, Michael Price, pointed it out.

Thankfully, Michael Price also shared the actual dates of the season 4 release date! It’s going to come in late March or early April 2020!

So, there you have it. Bill Burr’s groundbreaking animated show is going to come in Spring 2020.

There is also news that the cast of the show had the final table read, so the show is probably in its last development stages:

The cast for F is for Family Season 4

Apart from the great story writing in the show, the voice cast is legendary. The core cast is going to return for F is for Family season 4: Bill Burr as Frank Murphy, Laura Dern as Sue Murphy: the parents of the Murphy family.

Then there are the kids: the angsty teen wanting to be a rock star Kevin Murphy (Justin Long). the daddy’s princess who is interested in science and math Maureen Murphy (Debi Derryberry) and the sibling stuck in the middle Bill Murphy (Hayley Reinhart).

Other recurring characters set to return are Vivian (Mo Collins) and Bob Pogo (David Koechner). Apparently, Pogo will have a bigger role in the upcoming season. Chet (Vince Vaughn) probably won’t be returning for F is for Family season 4. Though, we may see some of his wife  Nguyen-Nguyen (Eileen Fogarty) in the latest season.

The official writers of the show also confirmed that we’ll be seeing more of Brandy Dunbarton, she’s the widowed wife of Roger Dunbarton (also voiced by Mo Collins). Roger was the CEO of Mohican Airways, the company Frank works for.

New characters in F is for Family is Mad Men’s Rich Sommer and The Three Stooges’ Will Sasso.

So, the F is for family 4th season is coming sooner than we’d have thought! That’s certainly exciting, considering everything is about to change now that the Murphy household is getting a new baby.