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Money was why Stephen Amell Returned to Arrow Season 8

Money was why Stephen Amell Returned to Arrow Season 8

Only a couple of more episodes to go till we see an end to one of the amazing DC Universe series. The CW’s Arrow’s end is near as the show reaches the finish line at the end of season 8. Without a doubt, not only did the show uplift Stephen Amell but we, the fans, also created his own universe, Arrowverse. However, Amell initially did not want to see the end of the show after he decided to leave after season 7. But something made him come back, which he discussed with Michael Rosenbaum.

Why Did Amell Return In Season 8 of Arrow?

It was during Rosenbaum’s podcast “Inside of You” that Amell told the story:

“You know there was a lot of issues going back for (Arrow) Season 8 for me, just because I thought 7 was the logical conclusion. I was done. I was ready to move on and then I got the proverbial offer that I couldn’t refuse.”

According to Amell, who plays Oliver Queen / Green Arrow, the previous season should have been the end of the show. That is why the star decided to leave after that. However, the show offered him an increment to his episode fee in the next season, which also covered some of the episodes in season 7. The offer was tempting enough for him to come back for another season.

“If you’re renegotiating, they change your episodic fee and I looked at it and they literally put me in a position… nobody put me in a position. It would have been fiscally irresponsible for me to say no. Just fiscally irresponsible. And I loved the s***t out of (Arrow) Season 8. I had a blast, but I was there for the money, right, more so than I had ever. Love and money, but certainly money. I don’t regret the choice.”

Fans would surely be glad he changed his mind though!