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James Charles Tests his Parenting Skills by Adopting a Kid for a Day

James Charles Tests his Parenting Skills by Adopting a Kid for a Day

Umm, I don’t even know where I should start. We all know that James Charles is a versatile content creator. As he is always coming up with new ideas and collaborations. Last week, James Charles collaborated with the ‘Say So’ singer ‘Doja Cat’. And this time James went over the top and literally adopted his best friend’s kid in his recent YouTube video titled ‘I Adopted a Child for a Day!’

James Charles Comes Up With The Cutest Videos

So let’s see what was the driving force behind today’s video.

“I woke up bright and early because I am filming a video that I truly never imagined would be happening. Today I am going to be adopting a child.”

James further mentions that he really loves and adores kids and he also has so many young fans out there. But he doesn’t actually want kids:

“I just don’t think that I would be responsible enough to actually have a child. And I would never want to bring a kid into this world and not be able to take good care of it.”

So James planned on adopting his best friend’s son, Elliot, for a day. And I don’t know about James and you guys, but this kid ‘Elliot’ literally has my heart. And the way he just said ‘I don’t want to grow big’ and ‘Yeah’ just made my heart melt.

James then plans on taking Elliot to Starbucks to get their Pink drink. And the little bundle of cuteness ‘Elliot’ says that he wants to go on James Tesla. The baby surely knows how to wrap someone around his pinky finger.

Elliot put some makeup on James’ face, after that they have tacos for lunch. Then they play some Fortnite, and end it with swimming. Oh and James and Elliot also got themselves dressed and took some pictures. Then they filmed some TikTok videos too.

Elliot Meets His Favorite TikToker Charli

Oh-my-my, everything about this video is so precious. So James planned a surprise for Elliot at the end

“Alright, you guys so Elliot mentioned earlier that his favorite TikToker in the entire world is Charli D’Amelio. And Charli is one of my best friends.

He further mentioned that Charli too some time out of her busy schedule to meet Elliot.

“She was at a photoshoot all day today. I wanted to do something really exciting for him (Elliot) to finish off his day with his Auntie James. “

This is really like a dream come true. Now I want to meet Charli and Dixie and a bunch of other friends of James.

So they all made a TikTok video that is not posted yet on any social media platform. But you can find it at the end of “I adopted a child for a day‘.

And kudos to James for staying calm throughout the video and not losing his patience. We all think he will be a very good and responsible parent.