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Dolan Twins fail to sell their Tiny Van to Logan Paul

I don’t know about you guys but I really adore these YouTubers like Dolan Twins and Logan Paul. So, it’s been six years since the Dolan Twins joined YouTube and they have about 11.1 million subscribers on their channel. Logan probably has 3-4 YouTube channels and one of them is Logan Paul with 22.3 million subscribers. It must be really hard for these YouTubers and so many other content creators to stay strong and motivated throughout these years. And come up with some different and entertaining content each time. So, now let’s see why Dolan Twins wanted to sell their tiny blue van to Logan Paul.

Why do Dolan Twins want To Sell The Tiny Van?

So let’s see what made Ethan and Grayson think about selling their tiny pretty van:

“I can’t curse in the first 30 seconds. We are in over our freaking heads. So if you guys know YouTubers, like ourselves, they purchase very stupid things a lot of the time. To try to make more interesting videos.”

So long story short, the Dolan Twins wanted to come up with some cool content for their viewers. So bought this van and spent a lot of money and totally changed its look. And now as they are renovating their home, they don’t have extra space for this van. And they also want to sell it in order to buy materials for the renovation.

Oh, and there is another reason why they want to sell this tiny van. Both Ethan and Grayson Dolan have a thing for building and renovating. And they want to invest their money in buying real estate and building tiny homes. That’s why they were trying to sell it to a specific group of people: influencers.

“Who can we sell this thing to get it off our hands? And the only logical explanation, just social media people like ourselves. The only people that would want to buy this are probably YouTubers. Alright so let’s go and see if any YouTubes want to buy this thing.”

Dolan Twins Ask Hype House Members And Logan Paul To Buy Their Tiny Home Van

The Dolan Twins made their first stop to the Hype House and asked their manager Thomas Petrou and the rest of the members if they want to buy this van. But they told the Dolan Twins that they are getting a bigger van and that too for free.

They made another stop and after that planned on selling their tiny van to Logan Paul. Grayson looks kind of awkward while asking Logan about the van.

“So you are probably confused as to why we are here filming. After not seeing each other like four years after having some slight twitter beefing. Do you want to buy the van?”

Oh My God, I hope Logan is going to say yeah for sure. But his body language says otherwise. And their back and forth banter is kind of making me laugh.

Dylan mentions that he has seen Logan talking about spending a quarter-million dollars a month in a podcast. And asks him if he can spend 175k on buying their van. To which Logan replies:

“Your math is off. What do you mean you build it?”.

Logan further adds that he already has a sprinter van which is a lot nicer. So he can’t buy  Dolan Twins’ tiny van. He further mentions that Dixie D’Amelio won’t have any problem sleeping in this van:

“I bet Dixie D’Amelio wouldn’t mind sleeping on your table bed. Boards just came out with the top highest TikTok earners. You should look at that. They have got money to spend.”

Wait, what? Why would you say that Logan?

Ummm, *awkward silence*. Anyways, the Dolan twins tried selling their tiny van to Larray, Josh Richards, and a bunch of other people. And nobody purchased the cute little van in the end. Grayson and Dylan only wanted to sell the van in order to start buying real estate and making small houses.

Let’s just hope that somebody buys the van from them like real soon.