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James Charles Does Addison Rae’s Makeup

OMG!! I just came across this video on James Charles’s YouTube channel and this question popped up in my mind, “Am I the only person on planet earth who has friends with 0.2% of makeup skills”.

Anyhow, James is working his magic on the very gorgeous & young TikTok star ‘Addison Rae’. And it’s making me feel a little jealous.

James Charles Works His Magic On TikTok Star Addison Rae

“You guys can see I have a very very special guest Addison Rae……….Finally, we are sitting down today and filming a YouTube video for you guys because everyone was asking for me to glam up Addison. She just posted her very first makeup tutorial and it was questionable.”

Here is the video of Addison which James thinks is pretty much questionable:

Addison Rae

Now let’s get back to James glamming up Addison and maybe learn a few easy and cool make-up tips too.

Now here is the fun part, James picks up a tweezer and goes like:

“I am gonna tweeze some of your brow hairs because you have beautiful thick brows. But, there are some strays.

To which Addison replies: Hey, Don’t get my unibrow.”

Make Your Brow Game Strong

Eyebrow plucking with a tweezer can be a pain in the as* sometimes. But that’s the only available option we have these days to make our brow game strong. So just bear the pain.

Don’t Skip Moisturizing

You can see James Moisturizing Addison’s face with soft hands. And I am crying happy tears right now.

He surely knows how to be gentle.

Blend The Damn Thing

Let’s move on to the base now. James is using the foundation color which is almost one or two tones darker than Addison’s actual skin tone.

Now that’s a smart move. It’s better to have a tan glowy look rather than looking like a face dipped in a bowl of flour. Take the foundation down to your neck. So that both your neck and face’s tone look the same.

Addison Rae

Concealing And Contouring Is A Must

So you need to conceal your t-zone and under eyes. If you have laugh lines, you can conceal them too.

The next step is to contour your forehead, cheekbones, nose, and jawline.

And you can use some setting powder if you want that matte effect.

Let’s Make Those Eyes Pop

You can take any brow powder or pomade to fill your brows. James has used Anastasia’s brow powder in soft brown shade.

Then with the Hoola bronzer, he has contoured the nose lines and filled the eye crease.

You can see how James has beautifully blended the darker tones on the corners. And filled the lid with shimmery gold.

Here come the Miami Flair falsies, which are James’ all-time favorite.

A Girl Needs Her Sparkle

Take your favorite highlighter in any shade and highlight your cheekbones.

Let’s Stick To Nude Lip Shade For Now

James wanted to create a super glam red carpet look.

“We were deciding between a red and a nude. I think Red will look so so stunning. But for some reason, I think this is pulling us to a glossy nude high fashion direction.”

James has used a matte lip liner in the shade of spice to fill up the lip line. And filled the lips with KKW Beauty’s #2 nude lipstick.

And he has finished the look with a little pop of gloss in the middle.

Never Forget The Setting Spray

A lot of us skip this part when we are in a rush. But please my darlings, if you want your make-up to stay on your face for at least a few hours. Then don’t forget to lock your look with a setting spray.

And we are done for the day. You can style your hair in a messy bun or a slick back ponytail.

Fans are literally getting obsessed with this look just like Addison and James.

OMG! I am just in love with this super glam look. I hope we will be seeing James creating different looks on Addison in the coming future. Maybe something a little more glittery with red lips.