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Claire Holt preparing for Baby No. 2

In these trying times, we can all use all the good news we can get our hands own. Such was the state of Claire Holt’s 5.1 million Instagram followers when she announced that she was pregnant! That’s right, Rebekah Mikaelson, the girl who never got her dream of human life and children, is having another baby! Claire Holt plays Rebekah Mikaelson on CW’s TV Series; The Vampire Diaries and stars in its spin-off, The Originals. Her own show, the spin-off, that she worked alongside Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies, has an IMDb rating higher than The Vampire Diaries itself, the two being at 7.7 and 8.2 respectively.

The show ended after 5 successful seasons and with the start of a new spin-off, Legacies. However, right around the fifth season, Claire encountered a miscarriage.

Now she has a baby and expecting another one

But, how amazing it is that she is about to have a second baby now? All in just a year of having her first son, James Holt Joblon.

Claire Holt is pregnant again!

As COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-Cov2) has us all locked inside, there are so many miracles we forget to be grateful for. Claire Holt posts an image of her perfect family alongside husband Andrew Joblon. She captions the post;

Grateful for this little ray of sunshine in an uncertain time

Oh, and she is sporting the most adorable pregnancy belly! We honestly find the picture so cute. And it only just a few days after her first born’s birthday that we find her with child!

Also, prior to this, a few weeks back, the H2O star, Claire Holt posted a picture that spewed a bunch of rumors about her being pregnant. However, she put the caption straight up saying she is not.

As it turns out, Claire really was pregnant at the time. The post was made 14 weeks ago that would mean she is probably somewhere around or beyond the second trimester. We sure cannot wait to see her little one. Congratulations to Claire Holt!